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Xbox Series X Is More Powerful, but Still Won’t Compare to Playstation 5

Max Moeller
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
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  • The PlayStation 5 is weaker than Xbox Series X in some aspects.
  • In no way does that make it the inferior console.
  • Sony has some aces up its sleeve, guaranteed.

At long last, Sony revealed some concrete details on the PlayStation 5’s power. Sony’s latest hardware falls slightly under the Xbox Series X in terms of processing and GPU power , but that doesn’t make it the inferior console.

In fact, it’s likely to be the opposite.

While Microsoft has been quite vocal regarding its new hardware, Sony is holding its cards close to its chest. That’s because it knows it can win.

The PlayStation 5 Will Deliver on Software

Sony has already won the last console generation. The PlayStation 4 is one of the best-selling consoles of all time. This is thanks to fantastic exclusives like The Last of Us, Spider-Man, Persona 5, and God of War.

It’s ignorant to think Sony won’t follow up next-gen with an equally excellent list of titles. Spider-Man 2 is already being leaked, we know the God of War team is working on a sequel, and The Last of Us 2 will play better on there anyways.

Even if those games come to PC, they’ll still make a killer list for PlayStation 5 players. Plus, the PS5 reveal made an excellent case for SSD power, which can change how worlds generate while playing. This could give it an advantage over the Series X’s GPU power.

Risky Add-Ons Lead to Better Experiences

I’ve already said the PlayStation 5 will have a sequel to PSVR. More power means a better virtual reality experience, and Sony is absolutely willing to bet on it. Half-Life: Alyx’s imminent success will push that interest higher.

Also, many patents have leaked regarding DualShock 5 and its potential new features. While some patents range on the invasive side, like the rumored sweat detector, these are signs that Sony is willing to experiment. And after a generation focused entirely on realism, it would do the games industry good to create something unique.

PlayStation 5 Haptic Feedback
We don’t know what the DualShock 5 looks like. So take this patent detailing its haptic feedback instead. | Source: SegmentNext 

A solid gimmick could also help Sony compete with Xbox’s Game Pass and xCloud features. As cool as those are, neither offering provides a unique gameplay experience. Instead, they’re just new ways to play games that already exist.

All of this isn’t to mention the PlayStation 4’s existing userbase. To many, the PlayStation brand is the pinnacle of gaming – especially those who don’t pay attention to online console wars. A significant amount of players will move to the next PlayStation system on name recognition alone.

playstation 4
The PlayStation 4 may have a successor soon, but there’s no denying its legacy. | Source: Amazon 

Microsoft might be sharing tons of details right now, but that’s because it has no choice. Sony won the last generation by a landslide. It’s already in gamer’s good graces. We’ll learn more about the PlayStation 5 when the time is right.

Let’s just hope Nintendo can keep up.

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