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Xbox Series X Is Destined to Be a Live-Streaming Disaster – Here’s Why

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
Max Moeller
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
  • Xbox Series X is bound to have Mixer integration.
  • But, the future of Mixer isn’t looking good.
  • Microsoft’s next box is set up for failure in the live-streaming department.

The Xbox Series X is an impressive piece of hardware. Even if its SSD isn’t as powerful as the PlayStation 5’s, Microsoft’s next box should deliver on its gameplay and performance promises.

That said, it’s bound to fail in one at gaming’s most essential elements: live-streaming.

According to an article from Windows Central , Microsoft’s live-streaming service, Mixer, isn’t doing well.

Coronavirus and Mixer Don’t Mix

The coronavirus pandemic has seen millions stuck at home. Streaming numbers on Twitch and other platforms are exploding as a result. All except for Mixer’s, which has only seen a desperate 0.2% year-over-year growth.

xbox series x mixer
Source: StreamElements 

Despite the platform’s acquisition of top gamers Ninja and shroud, the 37 million hours gamers spent on Mixer has remained stagnant. That number may seem high, but it’s nothing next to the 1.5 billion hours of Twitch consumption in April.

This is a big problem for the Xbox Series X, considering Mixer will probably be integral to the console. After all, Microsoft spent an alleged $50 million  to bring Ninja over from Twitch. They’ve also revamped the platform , and it’s likely to play a part in Microsoft’s xCloud game-streaming platform.

Hell, the Xbox Series X controller has a dedicated share button. Microsoft knows gamers want to share their gameplay. | Source: Xbox.com 

You don’t do all of that just to let your platform die before a next-generation console launch. If anything, Mixer is planned to be a large part of Microsoft’s future. 2020 was meant to be Mixer’s year , after all.

The Sorry State of Xbox’s Live Streaming Platform

Recent reports state otherwise. In February, Onmsft reported on  new management that supposedly ruined Mixer. Allegedly, the company let go of around 25% of employees. Legitimate feedback is being dismissed as well.

When Xbox head Phil Spencer said Game Pass and Mixer could go hand-in-hand , this isn’t what gamers had in mind. One has to wonder if streamers will jump ship for more viewers somewhere else. That’s quite a shame, considering some gamers really enjoy the platform.

Mixer’s future looks bleak. The platform could be in a disaster state by the time the Xbox Series X releases. Then what? Will Microsoft integrate Twitch instead?

Hopefully, we’ll learn more during Xbox’s July reveal event .

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