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Xbox is Killing Its Next-Gen Reveal but Sony Has FIFA PS4s to Sell

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • Sony has announced several new PS4 bundles featuring FIFA 21.
  • In contrast, Microsoft is busy spoiling fans with a steady stream of next-gen news.
  • Fans are understandably unimpressed as patience begins to wear thin in anticipation of PS5 news.

While Xbox is redefining the next-gen console dynamic with a slew of major announcements this week, Sony is, well, inexplicably promoting PS4 hardware bundles featuring FIFA 21 .

A PlayStation Blog post published today flogs several brand new PS4 and PS4 Pro bundles  available in several permutations. There’s also a Dualshock 4 bundle that includes a controller and a digital code to redeem FIFA 21.

The timing is a little suspect given we are knee-deep in the lead up to the next-gen. Most people are firmly dialed into the PS5 and eager to hear more from Sony after months of virtual silence on the subject, bar a few trailers and fluffed up promotional posts rehashing already-announced details.

Marketing the PS4 this late in the game comes out of the left-field, although, in fairness, the console continues to sell incredibly well, which may explain Sony’s move.

Coincidentally, Sony’s new marketing push also arrives on the same day that the official retail packaging for the Xbox Series X leaked courtesy of Canadian outlet La Source . Comparatively, Xbox’s art screams next-gen with a trypophobia-triggering front panel thrown in for good measure.

Xbox Series X retail packaging leaks. | Source: La Source

Unsurprisingly, fans haven’t taken to kindly to the marketing move as plainly displayed in the comments both under the blog post and on Twitter. Many are left scratching their heads about why Sony would promote the PS4 when everyone is waiting with bated breath for PS5 news.

Fans aren’t impressed. | Source: Twitter 
Fans want PS5 news. | Source: Twitter 
Some inject a bit of humor into the situation. | Source: Twitter 

There’s a running theme in the responses that the only explanation is that Sony must be winding people up, a last-minute spot of trolling, hopefully, preceding a PS5 price and release date announcement.

Patience is wearing thin. | Source: Twitter 
It must be a joke. | Source: Twitter 
Top trolling from Sony. | Source: Twitter 
Some are convinced Sony is messing with fans. | Source: Twitter 

Others haven’t squandered the chance to take a dig at the bundles’ questionable box art layout, which, we have to admit, is a bit of a cluttered eyesore.

Sony art skills need some work. | Source: Twitter 

There you have it. While Microsoft turns heads with a $25/month entry into the next-gen thanks to the Series S, Sony pushes a mediocre yearly sports title and a seven-year-old console.