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Xbox Saw a Chance to Draw Blood on the PS5 – And It Didn’t Hesitate

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
  • Sony revealed new details about the PlayStation 5 – and gamers weren’t happy.
  • PS4 controllers won’t work on PS5 when playing next-gen titles.
  • Sensing an opportunity to score points, Microsoft jumped at the chance to tout its platform-agnostic controller compatibility.

The backlash to Sony’s latest PS5 announcement gave Xbox the perfect opportunity to score some PR points. The Series X creator didn’t squander it.

Earlier today, Sony penned a PlayStation Blog detailing precisely what PS4 peripherals will be compatible with its next-gen PS5 console .

To the dismay of PS4 owners, you can’t use your DualShock 4 controller to play PS5 games. The DualShock 4 and officially licensed third-party PS4 controllers will only work on PS5 when playing supported previous-gen games.

Justifying the decision to limit PS5 titles to the DualSense, Sony explained:

We believe that PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re bringing to the platform, including the features of DualSense wireless controller.

Fans disagreed. As the news spread, disgruntled PS4 owners took to the usual gaming haunts on Reddit and Twitter to voice their discontent. 

Xbox Hammers Home One of Its Advantages Over PS5

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5 controller compatibility
Xbox takes a not-so-subtle jab at PS5’s limited controller compatibility. | Source: Twitter 

Sensing an opportunity to hammer home one of the Xbox ecosystem’s advantages, Xbox took to Twitter to take a not so subtle jab at PlayStation: 

ICYMI: Xbox Series X is backwards compatible with ALL Xbox One controllers across ALL games
Official Xbox Controllers
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers
SCUF Controllers

Indeed, a central pillar of the Xbox next-gen promotional campaign has focused on not penalizing players who don’t immediately transition to the Xbox Series X.

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This approach involves ensuring peripherals – including controllers – remain compatible across both generations, no matter what game you’re playing.

Additionally, Microsoft plans to launch a majority of titles on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X for at least two years.  (Even if recent news suggests this may not be the case for as many games as initially expected.)

Don’t Expect the ‘Console Wars’ to End in a Truce

xbox series x, playstation 5 (PS5) controller compatibility
The “console war” is alive and well. | Source: REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

On the one hand, the disparate approaches to controller compatibility link back to the introduction of innovative features. Or the lack of innovative features.

Sony alleges the DualSense is such a leap forward that it would do gamers a disservice to let them play PS5 games on last-gen hardware.

On the other, Microsoft saw a chance to draw blood – and didn’t hesitate. So much for Xbox boss Phil Spencer calling for an end to the so-called “console wars.”

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