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Xbox Quietly Abandons Monthly 20/20 Showcase Strategy

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:19 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:19 PM
  • Microsoft has quietly abandoned the Xbox 20/20 format it introduced back in May.
  • The company cited a need to be more flexible in how it delivers information and engages with fans.
  • Microsoft said it would opt for a varied slate of events, including YouTube videos, Xbox Wire updates, dedicated showcases, and more.

Microsoft has quietly shelved its Xbox 20/20 strategy, which was introduced back in May as a means to share “monthly moments” created to “engage, connect and celebrate” with fans about its next-gen plans.

Xbox confirmed as much in an August 7 update tacked on to the original blog post announcing the monthly 20/20 showcases . The Series X creator cited a need for flexibility in how it delivers information to gamers.

Microsoft quietly ditches the Xbox 20/20 format. | Source: Twitter 

The update reads:

Xbox has a massive year ahead of us, as outlined below. After reassessing our programming for the rest of the year, we’ve decided to stop using the “Xbox 20/20” phrasing as it implied that we would be releasing information in one way only, through a dedicated monthly show. We’ve got so much more to share with news about Xbox Series X, new games like Halo: Infinite, and cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass. We’re going to share that news in a variety of ways. It may sometimes be a dedicated show, YouTube videos, partnering with others, or sharing the latest via Xbox Wire. We want to stay flexible with how we connect with you.

Xbox 20/20 Only Made It to One ‘Monthly’ Showcase

To date, Microsoft had only hosted a single Xbox 20/20 showcase – and that was all the way back in May.

Touted as the first look at the next-gen Series X in action, the “gameplay showcase” fell drastically short of expectations. Microsoft paraded a lackluster slate of trailers for third-party titles – with little to no gameplay.

Whether the negative criticism factored into the decision to ax the format is unclear.

June came and went without a 20/20 event. July’s Xbox Games Showcase dropped the phrasing entirely, but it spawned its own brand of criticism. The backlash focused on a Halo: Infinite trailer that fell short of fan expectations.

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Shifting to a looser format should see Microsoft take a less formal approach to share next-gen news, much like Sony has with impromptu blog posts, hands-on sessions with the likes of Geoff Keighley, and the Wired info drops .

The gaming giant still has a few pieces to complete the next-gen puzzle, namely a price, release date, and the all-but-announced second variant of the Series X – the Xbox Series S.

As for when we can next expect to hear from Microsoft, Xbox head Phil Spencer teased something for this month . He stopped short of providing a firm date or clarification on what to expect.