Xaurum Gamma

Xaurum Gamma Announces the Creation of the First Crypto Smart-Street, Launches ICO

Profitable real-estate investments are usually reserved for big players. Large amounts of time and money need to be used to make these projects a success, and that makes it impossible for small investors to be a part of the game. Xaurum Gamma was developed to change that.

The goal of every Xaurum project is to preserve and increase its value, and Xaurum Gamma (XGM) as an important part of the Xaurum ecosystem is no different. Xaurum (XAUR) is the only cryptocurrency backed by gold, meaning it is represented by an increasing amount of gold and can be exchanged for it by melting.

Xaurum is coined by exchanging mined value for physical gold, that is then stored on the commonwealth’s gold reserves. When new Xaurum is created, all Xaurum holders receive a golden dividend that increases Xaurum’s value.

It’s a secure, scalable, long-term investment that is to first serve as a store of value, as it’s increasing value will allow holders to profit in the long run. If Xaurum finds its real value in gold, Xaurum Gamma finds it in real-estate.

Introducing Xaurum Gamma

Xaurum Gamma is a commonwealth within Xaurum that benefits from the cryptocurrency’s established economic framework, while improving Xaurum’s value as well. Gamma is essentially the first crypto smart-street, composed of six luxury villas in the Island of Krk in Croatia, a prominent tourist hotspot.

The team behind the project picked an investment strategy that in the long run needs to be safe, yield as much profit as possible, and be augmentable by speculation. Real estate was chosen because it’s safe, and because cryptocurrencies can help small investors participate. Half of Gamma’s profit will be used to acquire XAUR tokens for the Gamma commonwealth, while the other half will be reinvested in the project’s growth.

Gamma’s villas will be equipped with high-end equipment, and all economic activity will be monitorable in real-time through its platform. These include profits, the acquisition of XAUR tokens, profit representation of smart fridges, drones, and other equipment, and it will all be visible thanks to the immutable blockchain.

Xaurum Gamma’s ICO

Xaurum Gamma’s ICO launched just few day ago and it is already showing signs of success. In just 14 hours the project collected 1/5th of the money needed to help fund the creation of the smart-street in which the villas will be built, with its completion scheduled for May 2018. The project’s development and construction of the villas will be accompanied via live stream. One of the villas is already built, and its profit will start to roll in after the ICO that ends on September 29.

Gamma tokens (XGM) will continuously increase in value and size as more tourists use its smart villas, and as its Xaurum (XAUR) reserves increase in size and value as well. The issuance of new XGM tokens will be determined by the market. Scarcity will be employed by limiting the number of XGM tokens, and these will be used to rent the villas at a rate of 1 XGM : €100 or higher. The ICOs cap is of 54,800 XGM

Xaurum’s Projects Bringing Attention to the Crypto Ecosystem

Xaurum’s projects are helping improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem by drawing attention via its smart-street, accessible only to guests, that will require these to pay in XGM tokens to enjoy the hotspot and all the benefits the villas have to offer.

Being a gold-backed crypto asset also means that Xaurum’s value is going to keep on growing, and with it so is the value of the ecosystem. In turn, this will draw mainstream attention and increase its user base.

To keep up with the project, follow Xaurum on Facebook, and Bitcointalkforum. Users are advised to thoroughly read the project’s whitepaper published on the forum.

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