CCN is currently looking for US-based:

  • Full-time editors
  • Full-time journalists
  • Part-time contributors

Our ideal candidates must:

    • Have an extensive knowledge of either traditional markets or the cryptocurrency industry
    • Have a broad understanding of publishing content online (WordPress, SEO) as a professional writer well-versed in the English language
    • Have the drive to pitch and suggest interesting, relevant topics for coverage on CCN, before submitting them
    • Have a frenzied interest in cryptocurrencies, financial markets and financial technologies
    • Have the insight to look for news stories from around the world to fuel 24-hour coverage of the news cycle
    • Be open to attending industry events and conferences locally, when necessary
    • Be willing to quickly learn the ropes in a small but rapidly-growing team
    • Be willing to produce 3-5 articles/day as a minimum (for a full-time contributor)
    • Or be willing to produce 3-5 articles/week (for a part-time contributor)

Please submit your cover letter and a CV with your age and address, and attach at least one sample piece that demonstrate your proficiency.

Also, do include your salary requirements for this position and send it to: [email protected]