Worldcore Delivers Access To Range Of Payment Services Globally; Plans ICO


Worldcore, an online payment service provider that offers a range of global payment solutions, plans to launch an ICO in the next few days, extending its range of global payment solutions including access to bank payments, e-currency payments, credit and prepaid debit cards and international processing.

Owned and operated by EUPSProvider, Worldcore is a Czech Republic licensed payment provider regulated by the Czech National Bank, offering all the payment features of a traditional bank account but in a fully digital environment in addition to a wide range of payment products for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Unique Solutions

The company’s more unique solutions include debit cards with an industry-leading ATM withdrawal limit of 4,000 Euros per day; virtual debit cards; API for mass payments’ checkout for accepting payments, including cryptocurrency, on websites; payment card acquiring; and international money transfers to smart invoicing for businesses to create, send and accept payments for invoices issued to their clients.

What distinguishes Worldcore’s ICO from others is that the company is already a profitable and well-recognized business in the European market that now plans to expand on a global scale.

“We have the resources to do so, a strong team and partners, so investing in Worldcore now can bring ROI in a shorter period of time than other ICOs that have to develop the entire project from the beginning,” said Alexey Nasonov, CEO of Worldcore.

“Worldcore’s ICO marks the world’s first ICO of regulated payment institution with a well-established business and time-proven model, which lets us reach a high growth rate and transaction volume without attracting third-party investments,” he said.

The company’s WRC token is one of the strongest digital assets, based on profitability.

A Unique ICO

“We approached organization of the ICO in a different way by offering to join the real successful business where there is no need to guess whether or if it will be launched at all, and what profit it may bring,” he said.

Because WRC offers a share of annual profits to investors, there will be some restricted countries, including the U.S. The full list of restricted countries for ICO participation will be published on the ICO website before the end of next week. Only a small number of countries, 10 maximum, will be restricted. WRC has legal partners who provide advice on staying compliant with regulations.

The company will also show its prototype of Worldcore Exchange (Worldcore.Trade) for trading blockchain assets, which is a part of its roadmap being developed before the upcoming ICO.

“Worldcore is a fact, not an idea, not a dream or white paper, so I believe everyone understands the difference between an idea and a well-established business with a large product portfolio and growth over the last two years,” Nasonov said.

Card Market Authorization

This past May, Worldcore obtained a PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate, which lets the company enter the card acquiring market and is a guarantee for cardholders that their data is securely protected. The company is also a member of one of the most reputable industry associations in Europe – the Emerging Payments Association.

Worldcore is also the world’s first EU payment institution to have implemented voice and facial recognition technologies for authentication of clients, which fully protects clients from fraud.

“We have been recognized across the European fintech community; in 2016, we won the ‘Best Fintech Newcomer’ Banking Award,” said Nasonov.

An Expanding Portfolio

Founded in 2014, the company’s portfolio has grown and now serves more than 25,000 clients worldwide.

Worldcore’s annual transaction volume will exceed 100 million Euros in 2017, according to current statistics for this year, and over 1 million in Euro revenue. The company’s quarterly growth usually exceeds 25%.

Worldcore is also a well-known participant and sponsor of the largest fintech events in Europe like Finovate Europe, Money2020 Europe and the European FinTech Awards.

“Our team acts professionally on par with much larger companies to show a completely new approach to ICO based on real value of the asset,” Nasonov said. “I’m researching the ICO market daily, and I don’t see anything except just ideas with roadmaps where the start of business is expected in a few years.”

More To Come

In 2018, the company plans to launch the world’s first TV channel for the blockchain and fintech community with IPTV, online and satellite broadcasting. Nasonov holds a master’s degree in audit, finance and banking, and more than 10 years experience in the digital business.

“I’m also a blockchain assets investor, and I earned a significant part of my capital by investing in bitcoin, starting in 2012,” he said.

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