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Worldcoin Helps Ease Kenya Water Shortages

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

Last April, CCN.com reported that the good people of Worldcoin  had successfully crowdfunded a new well near Musoli, Kenya, despite extreme difficulties due to the price of that particular coin dropping dramatically. As you may remember, thanks to project leader Brandon Brown, the remaining funds were raised by his matching subsequent donations coin-for-coin.

Those who contributed to the campaign and those who believe in the role of cryptocurrencies in the developing world will be happy should know that as of December, the well began construction. And not long after that, on 26 January, the finished well was handed over to the Imaluma Dispensary.

The Imaluma Dispensary Project

Imaluma is the name of the rural area that the well was needed in . As far as this journalist can gather with his western understanding, the area is vastly underserved in terms of healthcare and water. Although a small facility was erected for healthcare, it was not capable of serving a great number of patients because it lacked a reliable supply of clean water. This meant some patrons might have to travel (presumably on foot in many cases) over 10 miles just to get basic services beyond outpatient care.


Worldcoin has, from its outset, had a dedication to charitable giving as a purpose, not a feature. “We believe that Worldcoin is about more than the just the ability to send funds cheaply and almost instantly anywhere in the world,” the administrator of WorldCoinAlliance.net has written.

In this current blip on the historical radar where nearly all cryptocurrency seems to be taking a rhetorical beating, it is positive news when anyone or anything related is successful. Much like the Cambodian school uniforms, here we have a segment of the global population which may not have even heard of Bitcoin for another decade blessed by genuine goodwill. Unless good press for the coin itself is to be considered an ulterior motive; however, there are far cheaper ways to garner good press for anything.

Kevin Quasarano, the manager of this charity campaign, said about the success:

This is a true testament to the generosity of the Worldcoin community and proves once again, that a currency by the people, without government or bank controls, can and does provide charitable acts for the World. I am personally thrilled with this project. Clean water should not be a luxury! Everyone should have access to this essential resource.

Charity is as valid  a use for a currency as any sort of commerce can be considered. In any event, it can be seen as a positive way of gaining a perception of validity. For this reason, those who believe in the future of cryptocurrencies can only hope more projects like this will appear in the future and be as successful, whether they be for Worldcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin, Marinecoin, DigiByte, or any of the others which still have a hope of mass adoption.

Images courtesy of the Water Project.