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‘Woke’ Meghan Markle Needs to Worry About Her Former BFF

Last Updated September 26, 2020 1:25 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 26, 2020 1:25 PM
  • Meghan Markle dropped her BFF Jessica Mulroney like a bad habit after her run-in with blogger Sasha Exeter.
  • Appearing “woke” is part of Meghan’s new persona as she positions herself as a social justice icon.
  • Jessica Mulroney is fast becoming a woman with little left to lose. That could prove costly for the Duchess of Difficult.

I wonder if Meghan Markle weighed the implications  of dropping her BFF and media fixer of many years, Jessica Mulroney.

You’d think she’d consider the bigger picture when cutting loose the woman who’s both integral to her legal battle with her father and rumored to have been a constant source of pro-Meghan media “leaks.”

Yet, as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stumble from one PR disaster to the next, it’s what we’ve come to expect.

Can Meghan Markle rely on the support of Jessica Mulroney? | Source: Twitter 

Jessica Mulroney is only guilty of doing what people like her always do

Despite what her critics say, all that Jessica Mulroney is guilty of is being a bully. And by all accounts, this is par for the course with people in her situation.

Mulroney was allegedly behind attempts  to “fix” an interview that Meghan’s former advisor Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne gave to the Mail on Sunday. Are we supposed to believe this was the first and only time she acted as Meghan Markle’s personal fixer?

Unfortunately for Jessica, she picked the wrong person to try and steamroll in Sasha Exeter. It was a colossal error on the part of the Canadian fashion stylist, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time for Meghan.

Meghan may run into problems with her former BFF. | Source: Twitter 

Meghan Markle was in a tight spot, and it may complicate her legal fight

There’s no doubt Meghan Markle knows precisely the kind of tactics Jessica Mulroney uses to stomp on people who get in her way. If the rumors are true, she used those very qualities to help get Meghan to where she is  today.

The backlash over Mulroney’s treatment of Sasha Exeter put Meghan in a tight spot. By cutting her pal loose and then unleashing the spin machine, Meghan created a real headache for her and her legal team.

jessica mulroney, meghan markle
According to Vanity Fair, Jessica is finding it tough to find new opportunities after the scandal with Sasha Exeter. | Source: Chris Jackson/pool photo via AP

The legal war between Markle and Associated Newspapers Limited centers around the publication of parts of a letter Meghan sent to her father.

Meghan claimed the letter was “private and confidential” and that the publisher intentionally caused issues between her and her father.

Jessica Mulroney is speculated to be one of five friends  who leaked information from the same letter to People magazine before ANL published it.

Mulroney may be called before the High Court in London to testify that Meghan Markle did not ask her and four other friends to leak the letter to People.

Will Jessica Mulroney play ball after being cast aside?

According to Vanity Fair,  Jessica is finding it tough to find new opportunities after the scandal with Sasha Exeter. She may need Meghan’s help.

An insider claims:

She is losing so much work from brands who loved her connection to Meghan in the past but now feels she has become toxic. All it would take is for Meghan to go out on a shopping trip with Jessica to show she still has her support. But the clear indication is that there’s not going to be any show of support like that.

While they’re clearly in a position to help one another, the calculus has changed. Meghan’s foray into social justice activism makes associating with Mulroney a real threat to her credibility.

The Vanity Fair source claims Meghan is using the situation as an opportunity to prove she’s “woke”:

It’s a brutal blow after a ten-year friendship. Jessica has been there for Meghan through thick and thin. Meghan has forsaken her most loyal friend just to look woke.

Looking “woke” is necessary for Meghan to build credibility as a social activist.

It’s a gamble that could come back to haunt her.

Jessica Mulroney looks like someone with very little left to lose. A woman in that situation can be dangerous, especially when she has plenty of tales to tell.

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