Wix.com Integrates with Snapcard Allowing 53 Million Online Websites To Accept Digital Currency

October 8, 2014 23:30 UTC

Snapcard, a cryptocurrency payment processing company, has announced integration with Wix.com. Wix.com is a very large cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create websites using HTML5 through drag-and-drop tools. Snapcard utilizes a simple drag and drop tool that allows users the ability to purchase anything on the internet using digital currencies.

By partnering with Wix.com, Snapcard’s widget can be used on websites created on wix.com with a few simple steps. Currently, over 53 million websites have been built using wix.com, and each one of these websites will be able to learn about, and accept digital currencies for goods and services sold on their websites.

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SNAPCARD Increases Digital Currency Acceptance

To accept digital currencies, users simply need to have a Snapcard account then drag and drop the Snapcard application onto their wix.com website from the app store. Snapcard is seeking to educate many people in the benefits of accepting digital currencies and increase the global adoption rate. Though Snapcard started as a service that allows people to purchase things on the internet with digital currencies for a small fee, they have grown significantly in the past few months. Snapcard raised $1.5 million dollars worth of investments that are led by Tim Draper and the Fortress Investment Group.


After raising investments in their company, Snapcard has announced that they will become a payment processor for digital currencies with several unique and innovative features with flat .5% Transaction fees, next day payouts, and the ability to send instant digital currency refunds to customers. Snapcard seeks to increase the global acceptance of digital currencies through convenience for both merchants and customers, and low transaction fees. Snapcard has already launched their mobile app for Android with the IOS app on the way shortly. The mobile app will allow merchants to accept digital currency payments offline while using the same account they use for their online websites.

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