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Fighting congestion and pollution with a Green, Smart and Connected City Platform.

May 21st, 2018, AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Parksen will build a Green, Smart & Connected City Platform, powered by the Ethereum blockchain, immutable smart contracts and a real-time parking app, that will bring much-needed innovation to modern and urban hotspots around the world. The mission? Enriching and connecting these metropolises with truly green solutions, smart and IoT device integrations, overall cost reductions and general infrastructural optimization for citizens and municipalities alike.

According to a 2017 UK study titled “Tackling Pollution and Congestion” by Professor David Begg and Claire Haigh, congestion has been steadily rising in all major UK cities. When congestion occurs, tailpipe emissions are four times higher than when the traffic flows smoothly. Congestion leads to slower driving speeds, which in turn has been tied to an increase of toxic emissions and serious health issues.

Parksen believes that it has come this far thanks to a lack of cooperation and coordination between municipalities, the usage of outdated, harmful equipment and, last but not least, bureaucratic delays that stand in the way of innovation. Meanwhile, cities and citizens alike suffer economically, emotionally and physically. Thankfully, more and more sustainable, smart solutions are being built every day. But how efficient are these singular methods going to be? Parksen aims to connect the solutions by creating a universal platform that can be integrated by any city, at any time.

Get Green

By strategically placing smart IoT devices and sensors across the city and connecting them to the Parksen dashboard, municipalities and companies can keep a watchful eye on local congestion and pollution. The gathered data paints a very vivid picture, which can then be used to implement structural changes. Is there one particular intersection responsible for the bulk of your city’s congestion? Thanks to Parksen you will be able to take swift and appropriate action.

Get Smart

The gathered data can also be used to help citizens maneuver your city more intelligently. By using our accompanying Parksen Parking app, drivers can reserve parking in advance and plan their trip ahead. The app will show current traffic obstructions in real-time, allowing everyone to go around rather than waiting around. The dashboards, on the other hand, will continuously track movement through the IoT devices, keeping companies and municipalities updated on the status of their active parking spots.  

Get Connected

Partnering up with green energy providers, sustainable hardware manufacturers and electric automobile companies, Parksen aims to keep developing new possible ways to clean our cities of harmful emissions and congestion. Municipalities will be rewarded for participation, as will companies and individuals.

Get Involved

Parksen as an app and as a platform will revolutionize urban infrastructure development, but to do so proficiently it will need all the help it can get. If you think that you would benefit from Parksen, please head over to the website and check the whitepaper for more in-depth information on the many green, smart and connected solutions.

Find out more about the Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, the team behind it and their mission on the website and experience the benefits of applying sustainable and profitable solutions to your infrastructure.

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