WISE Highly Liquid Tokens

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These days, the irreversible evolutionary processes are underway transforming the global financial architecture. First and foremost, it becomes possible due to the advent of blockchain — bitcoin. Then subsequently other blockchain systems have stepped forward. Their main uses are a fast and anonymous transfer of cryptocurrency to the right place and ICO. The venture funds lost the monopoly in this area disrupting startup investment. A number of new projects, new ideas have increased dramatically. People who have never concerned themselves with investment nowadays can purchase the tokens of the startup they like and hereby support it. And so it happens that money previously remained useless in purse today can be invested in projects which arouse an outstanding interest.

The strong projects due to the decent support of investors are developing into super lucrative ones producing a huge profit to their investors. Whereas the blockchain itself, or, more precisely its architecture, is in progress, a new system is being developed with due allowance for experience of bitcoin and other first-generation projects. Such new generation cryptocurrency is the blockchain system WISEPLAT. Its main use is not the transfer of cryptocurrency but an easy and convenient deployment of applications and private blockchains on a single platform for the purpose of convenient interaction and minimization of intermediary services and payment thereof.

Therefore, the next step of blockchain development is an up-and-coming introduction into business processes of the active companies by means of making them more profitable. Along with an expansion in the number of applications and private blockchain the capitalization of WISEPLAT platform is also increased.  Therefore by investing in WISEPLAT the investor has the opportunity to increase his capital not from a single application but from many applications at a time. In addition, you may recover your investments not only on stock exchange but also by getting a service or goods of any application. That is, WISE highly liquid tokens.

As network develops, a number of users will be constantly mounted. Consequently, the demand for WISE tokens will go up. A total number of tokens is limited. New private blockchains block a part of tokens as a company’s authorized capital. For this reason a total number of marketable will decrease while the demand for them will increase creating a high yield of WISE tokens.  

Besides deployment of applications and private blockchain, WISEPLAT along with first-generation blockchain has all resources to roll out an ICO campaign.

Great attention is paid to the development of smart contracts. Boiler-plate smart contracts will facilitate the process of execution by people who have not a command of program languages. The use of smart contracts adds value of WISE tokens.

WISEPLAT is a high-margin new generation blockchain system intended for introduction of all blockchain advantages into business processes of companies and social interaction.

Since October 29 PRE-ICOWISEPLAT will begin where providers offer WISE tokens less discount of 33.3%.

Website: https://oswiseplat.org/

Follow the development of blockchain systems and you’ll see the fast-paced economic phenomena in the entire world!