William Shatner Beams Up Ethereum-Based Proof-of-Authenticity Token

May 10, 2019 6:30 PM UTC

By CCN.com: William Shatner announced he’s partnering with Mattereum to launch an Ethereum-based system that authenticates and digitally transfers ownership of physical items including collectibles. He tweeted:

“Today I am announcing that I am partnering with Mattereum and other technology creators to establish an authentication system, it establishes an irrefutable, internationally recognized proof of authenticity.”

Shatner gave a shout out to homeboys Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin in a tweet with a video announcement:

Shatner also holds up a one-of-a-kind action figure of Capt. James Kirk with his autograph on it, saying:

“The chip, the token, my signature, and a number. One of a kind.”

Star Trek Inspired Digital Twin

The William Shatner action figure will be the first item to get assigned what Mattereum, the company behind Shatner’s Ethereum project, calls a “digital twin.”

The digital twin is the uniquely identifiable digital record that lives on the immutable Ethereum blockchain and can only be transferred to a new owner with a private key.

The London-based law-tech company is building an ERC-20 smart contract token that will track these digital titles in an immutable public record maintained by a decentralized network of computers using Ethereum’s open source software.

The Ethereum network accomplishes this through a clever process inspired by Bitcoin. An easy way to visualize the concept of digital twins, however, is the following clip from Star Trek:

Mattereum Chief Legal Officer Chris Wray stated in the announcement:

“The Mattereum Asset Passport gives you reliable provenance for your collection, backed by the liability of those who certify it – and ultimately their collateral, insurance, and personal assets. Transparency and enforceability will be essential tools in the fight against fraud and counterfeiting.”

Not William Shatner’s First Crypto Rodeo

William Shatner has been very involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

Last June, the actor, celebrity spokesman, and crypto entrepreneur partnered with Solar Alliance in Vancouver to lease renewable energy and space from a solar farm to mine crypto.

In November, Shatner defended Ethereum and dropped a little technical knowledge about ether. In February, Shatner revealed he’s got his mind on bitcoin’s Lightning Network too.

Ethereum Smart Contracts to the Moon

Shatner’s personal connection to tracking the authenticity and ownership of collectible memorabilia is understandable. But the possibilities for this use of the Ethereum blockchain are very expansive.

In its white paper, Mattereum features an image of a violin and discusses how it can be used to transfer ownership of instruments.

Another possible use case involves modernizing the entire automobile title transfer bureaucracy out of the hands of local governments and onto the blockchain.

Who knows? Maybe someday it will be used to log the owner of the first faster-than-light spaceship.

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