Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Really Ditch Their Royal Connection?

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have both cashed in big-time on Harry’s royal connection.
  • It’s their unique selling point. Without it, they’re just another two vacuous celebs in a state absolutely full of them.
  • Their work will always be closely aligned to their royal status.

When it comes to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there is one thing that many royal fans wish would happen.

That Queen Elizabeth strips them of their royal titles.

While that looks incredibly unlikely to happen any time soon, the next best thing could be just around the corner if royal author Nigel Cawthorne is proven correct.

Will Archewell benefit from a royal connection? Of course it will. | Source: Twitter

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have exploited their royal title to the maximum

It goes without saying that since walking away from their royal duties earlier in 2020, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have completely exploited their royal titles and Harry’s relationship with the British royal family.

As I’ve said numerous times before, did Meghan Markle live in a $14 million mansion before she met Harry? Was she courted by streaming giant Netflix? How many Disney gigs did she get pre-royal title?

That’s right, folks. The answer to that question is a big ol’ goose egg.

Nada. Nothing. Niente. You get the picture.

Meghan and Harry’s mansion? Paid for by their royal connection. | Source: Twitter

So why would the Hollywood Royals drop the royal theme? It’s what sets them apart

Royal biographer Nigel Cawthorne believes that with the Archewell Foundation’s creation, we’ll see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle distance themselves from their royal connection.

Speaking to the Express, Cawthorne claims:

Archewell’s roots are evidently part of the American Dream: you act, and your rewards will be plentiful. Meghan, after all, is American and has only lived in Britain briefly. She has lived that story, rising to marry her Prince.

Sorry, Nigel. I think you’re stretching the truth a bit there.

The American dream, by definition, is as follows:

The American Dream is achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.

Nowhere does it say that marrying up a few times in your life is part of the American dream.

Cawthorne continues:

It is unlikely that the organization will make much use of the couple’s royal connection apart from Harry. It is after all his background, and his official name is still Prince Harry – not Harry Mountbatten-Windsor.

Is Nigel Cawthorne correct? Will we see the Sussexes drift from their royal connection?

Nope. Absolute piffle, I’m afraid.

Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will trade on their royal connection in every project they do.

Why? Because without it, they’re just a couple of nobodies living in Santa Barbara. Prince Harry has been in the U.S. long enough to know by now that Cali is full of people like them.

Namely superficial, shallow morons living beyond their means to try and remain somewhat relevant.

Hollywood itself thrives on those types in the same way that Vegas thrives on degenerate gamblers.

No, the royal connection to two important people in Queen Elizabeth and the charismatic future King of Britain, Prince William, is all the Markles have to trade on.

It’s only really a matter of time before they’re found out for their lack of knowledge on, well, everything they’ve been talking about.

Granted, they’ve both mastered the art of talking a lot and essentially saying nothing, but that only gets you so far.

They need that royal connection and will hang on for dear life.

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21 thoughts on “Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Really Ditch Their Royal Connection?”

  1. I need to make a comment here and please my dear Aubrey ask some Greeks to find out this truth:
    Meghan Markle has been said that the name ‘Arche’ – of her foundation is the Greek word meaning ‘source of action’.
    Now, because i am Greek and i know my native tongue very well, the word Arche is being written in greek as: “Αρχή” The meaning of this word means simply “start” , “beginning” and has nothing to do with “source of action”. I really Don’t know who gave her this kind of Translation!
    Do an Experiment. Just google “source of action” and ask to be translated in Greek. Well there is no chance to get the word “Αρχή”

  2. Hope American people sees the reality behind their actions, and they are not easily manipulated …the right people talking about difficult matters helps their causes, Meghan and Harry inspirational talks had done the contrary, taking away the spotlight from knowledgeable and experience people

  3. “Superficial, shallow morons living beyond their means to try and remain somewhat relevant”. You know who else that describes? Reality TV “stars”. I think that is their future – once people get tired of their meaningless speeches and lose interest, they’ll have no choice but to appear on Real Housewives and Dancing with the Stars. Like other reality TV stars, they have no qualifications to do anything else. I certainly don’t see Hollywood offering either one of them a talk show or an acting job. Of course, even for a reality show, they need to hang on to those royal titles to garner any interest.

  4. Love your articles!! Here is an added bonus or just a thought. Being a parent is certainly the most precious job I’ve ever had and the only thing you want for your children is to be the best they can be, don’t waste the thing we call life, contribute your best attributes to others be a part of society. Now these were my goals raising our brood but what happened to Dorian? Is she just as self centered as Mz Me Gain? I know that I would have beaten some sense (now I don’t beat my children using the word as impact)in to my child. You can’t buy love nor can you love someone near enough until you learn to love yourself and that being your true self not who someone else wants you to be. How could any mother watch their child go on a path of destruction unless there is something in it for you. It’s a shame that as a middle age women she doesn’t know who she is nor what she wants. Me gain has certainly brought out the worst in Harry but I would go as far to say look what Dorian has done along the way…….I would never move in with my daughter to be a nanny ,!I wouldn’t be used like that nor would I want to become part of their beginning as Harry has said the third wheel can certainly pose a problem and I’m sure if Harry ever stands up for himself or his family he is being shot down by those two in an instant. Would I help my grandchildren certainly I’d live close by I’d help with overbooked schedule but moving in no way even a perfect relationship a grandma on sight could tarnish it. Love your articles Aubrey and keep up the great work!! Curious to know what you think?

    • Doria was in jail for tax evasion which is why thomas raised Meghan. But now doria has 9 million in the bank and hasnt held a steady job since she was introduced by Meghan. Where did THAT money come from?? I worked a steady job for 45 years and I don’t have that. And doria ‘s records have all been swiped clean. HUMMM!

  5. I hope to never again see that woman’s face in British soul again. Poor hapless Harry I just feel sorry for. Sean Connery passed on yesterday, a real man, a ladies man, a mans man. Harry is a namby pamby joke. Thank you the Gods out there who put William first in line. There is a Gid!

    • I never follow Hollywood celebrities, but Sean Connery had to be the most handsome man ever. He came from such humble beginnings and rose to such heights. A pride to Scotland.

  6. The royal connection is a matter of fact. The question is whether people will be reminded of it. For example, the actor Jamie Lee Curtis can correctly be styled to as Baroness Haden-Guest – who knew? Whereas Meghan always has ‘Duchess of Sussex’ after her name, despite being a feminist (so should not be using her husband’s title) and seemingly anti-monarchist (unless, perhaps, she gets to be queen). (Interestingly, the style ‘Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’ would be used if she were divorced – I imagine the desire of having her name appended to her title overrode proper conventions: typical.)

    • My understanding is that even if the Queen strips her of her HRH and Duchess of Sussex titles, Just Call Me Harry will still be HRH Prince Henry of Wales by birthright and she will become Princess Henry. I wonder what would happen if they divorce, though – will she still be a princess (we all know that she will cling to that title the way a barnacle clings to a ship’s hull).

      • I’m not an expert on titles, but firstly: I think Harry is just Prince Henry – not ‘of Wales’. Prince of Wales is the title of the heir to the British throne. Technically Meghan is Princess Henry. If the Sussex dukedom were to be removed, she would be Princess Henry. Not a bad handle, except no one would instantly know it was Meghan (in her eyes anyway). What’s the betting that she’ll wind up being called Princess Meghan (against her wishes, of course)?

    • I’ve never heard so much meaningless commentary from so many vacuous people. Everyone of you are jealous and hateful, and no one is interested in you or your meaningless opinions. Get a life of your own…

  7. Meghan’s method in speeches and now Harry’s by default is More is More i.e. why use one sentences when you can use a dozen to describe the same thing. The trick is to make the audience into thinking that they are talking about a lot and since the audience don’t understand what they are talking about but the audience does not want to admit that they don’t understand or feel dumb for not understanding, it forces them to nod in agreement. Happy for both party. Win Win. Ha Ha.

    • This reminds me of a description of Hitler’s public speaking. A person who heard him speak decsribed it as being very rousing and emotional, but when asked what he spoke about, she couldn’t say. The only difference is that I doubt Meghan and Harry could sway people to begin with.

      • What I noticed is she like to use buzz words to sound intelligent, string together a few buzzwords in a sentence which makes it very confusing and hard to understand. I think that is her way of tricking the audience. Empty vessels make the most sound if you like.

  8. Hi, Aubrey! I love your articles, I read them daily, never miss one. There’s just one small correction I’d like to make: when referring to them as a couple, it’s “the Markles”, not “the Markle’s”, the “Cambridges”, not “the Cambridge’s”. I noticed that this error keeps slipping in your articles and wanted to draw your attention to that. Don’t take it personally, as I said before, I love your articles. Keep up the good work!

  9. I’m shocked by how quickly you have managed to influence my opinion of Markle. I am going to be much more critically minded of them from now on.


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