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What will happen with Bitcoin in 2014? (video)

Everyone wonders what will happen with Bitcoin in 2014. We have earlier posted about the expectations from a US Senator that they are awaiting a Bitcoin report in January 2014. Whether this will be good news for the Bitcoin-community or not is still uncertain. However, the Senator was very certain that they won’t ban bitcoin.

CNBC writes in their new article that Bitcoin starts to get mainstream, where they ask the question whether or not Bitcoin can become a viable currency?

“There’s certainly a lot of work that needs to happen… between now and bitcoin being a unit of account unto itself,”

– Patrick Murck, principal and founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, which aims to standardize, protect and promote the use of bitcoin worldwide, told CNBC on Thursday.

Patrick goes on explaining that in 2014 we will see a big increase in Bitcoin related services and products. View his entire interview below. What do you think will happen with Bitcoin in 2014?

Read CNBC’s article here.

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