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Will Aaron Paul Take Responsibility for This Cringe-Worthy PSA?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
  • Aaron Paul and other celebrities took part in PSA against hate and oppression called “I Take Responsibility.”
  • The level of sap drooling from this video could provide enough syrup to supply every IHOP in the country.
  • Celebrities have, once again, missed the mark.

Gal Gadot should be praying to a poster of Aaron Paul.

The Breaking Bad star just led a celebrity PSA on race and responsibility that’s so cringe-worthy, it might make us forget Gadot’s abominable celebrity rendition of “Imagine.”

Paul and these other celebrities have their hearts in the right place. We should all take responsibility for the plight of any section of humanity.

But, the question remains: who’s taking responsibility for this unbearably corny PSA?

Aaron Paul & the Actors Try to Break Good, and Just Break

The two-minute PSA, titled “I Take Responsibility,” featured a lineup of celebrities that would make Hulu proud:

Debra Messing, Aly Raisman, Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Kesha, Kristen Bell, Justin Theroux, Mark Duplass, Bryce Dallas Howard, Julianne Moore, Piper Perabo, Stanley Tucci, Ilana Glazer, and Bethany Joy Lenz.

But the issue isn’t with the level of celebrity status; it’s with the level of cringe.

Right away, the sappiness is laid on thick with a somber piano playing in the background. Was that really necessary, guys?

It’s like a constant musical reminder trying to reinforce how badly the celebrities really mean what they’re saying.

Just say it. We don’t need musical training wheels.

This isn’t Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul. This is supposed to be real life, and you guys are allowed to be real people. Sadly, it was only downhill from there.

These Actors Will Not Be Winning Any Awards

The piano set the tone in “I Take Responsibility,” and the ‘celebrities’ took it from there. In what can only be described as a group Zoom audition, each person took turns trying to out-serious the next.

Aaron Paul
But how? | Source: Twitter 

Oppression, hatred, and privilege are serious issues. But it felt like someone had a gun to their heads saying, “furrow your brow, and make them believe it!”

Like any good actress, Bethany Joy Lenz used her body. The “One Tree Hill” actress put both hands on her heart during a pregnant pause between “I take,” and “responsibility.” Relax, girl. This isn’t a Dawson’s Creek casting call. You can just say it.

Aaron Paul
Keep it going, Marlow. | Source: Twitter 

Soon after, Justin Theroux upped the sentimentality tenfold. With a perfectly placed beanie, he stared into his computer camera, and during an even more dramatic pause, I’m pretty sure he blinked out one, solemn tear. I wonder how many attempts it took for him to nail it.

Debra Messing was clearly reading her lines.

But the reason we’re all here is for our boy, Jessie Pinkman–I mean, Aaron Paul.

Aaron Paul Goes Full Jessie Pinkman on Hatred

Aaron Paul made a hilarious appearance at the beginning of this clip. With praying hands in his face, he suddenly realized he was on camera and delivered his “I take responsibility” with the gravitas of a child trying to convince his mother he’s sorry.

Aaron Paul
Ladies & gentlemen, this is a real screenshot. | Source: Twitter 

But it’s not until the end that we get what none of us paid for. Aaron Paul suddenly sounds like he’s arguing with Walter White.

“Killer cops must be prosecuted, they are murderers!” he says.

His voice quivers when he says, “call out hate, step up, and take action.”


The real irony here is how this PSA against hate seemed to inspire mostly hatred. Hollywood has been tone-deaf throughout the entire Black Lives Matter movement, and this is just another example.

Real people are out protesting in the streets. Celebrities: I know you think your theatrical skills are here to save the world. But right now, it’s not the time. We need you to get over yourselves and open your purses. 

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