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Wild Rockstar ‘Leak’ Teases Age of Empires Meets Grand Theft Auto

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:19 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:19 PM
  • Rockstar Games leaks trickle in on an almost weekly basis.
  • Most are fabrications.
  • The latest suggests the Grand Theft Auto developer is working on an open-world medieval title.

A week doesn’t go by where, sure as the tide, some bright soul spews spurious details about Rockstar Games’ next project. They invariably claim to have a direct conduit to some asset artist or QA tester willing to break a watertight NDA for 15 minutes of fame on Reddit.

Whether it be the setting for the elusive, yet almost inevitable, Grand Theft Auto VI, or the intriguing reboot of the Bully IP, these leaks run the gamut of realistic possibilities.

Yet, they pale in comparison to the latest claim of insider info about what Rockstar’s up to behind closed doors.

Rockstar’s Open-World Medieval Game

A Redditor posting with the moniker iknowstuff312 claims that the Red Dead Redemption 2 developer has its sights set on a medieval open-world title . Forget Arthur Morgan’s gritty tale in the dying days of the Wild West or the teeming cesspit of Los Santos; Rockstar is going full feudal.

We’re talking Grand Theft Auto catapulted to the time of sword-wielding knights, bubonic plague, and divinely-appointed monarchs. Sword fighting is slated as a core mechanic.

According to the supposed “leak,” Rockstar aims to release the unnamed title in the first quarter of 2021. Bully 2 and Grand Theft Auto VI will ostensibly arrive following the release of the medieval game. An announcement is set for the not too distant future – allegedly.

The Latest Purported Rockstar Games Leak Is A Doozy
Rockstar already took us to the Wild West. Will it take us back to the feudal age next? | Source: Rockstar Games

An Intriguing Proposition

While a tad suspicious given Rockstar’s track record, it’s hard to deny how intriguing the cocktail sounds. Age of Empires II meets Grand Theft Auto.

Traipsing through medieval villages and keeps dishing out GTA-style tomfoolery to unsuspecting peasants and regal attendants; it sounds nothing short of tantalizing. Not to speak of the story implications with the setting offering Rockstar a vast pallet to weave a compelling narrative.

This “leak” seems a bit too fanciful for our taste, but stranger things have happened. In any case, top marks to the leaker for inventiveness. That is, if it turns out to be fake, which it most likely will.