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Why Vermintide 2’s Store Might Not Be the Sucky Cash-Grab You Expect

Vermintide 2 is getting a new in-game storefront. Surprisingly, it looks like it might not suck. At least not at first.

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William Worrall
January 22, 2020 9:20 PM
  • Vermintide 2 is essentially Warhammer meets Left 4 Dead.
  • The Fatshark title is getting an in-game store.
  • Surprisingly, this one doesn’t look like a naked attempt to exploit you for profit.

Adding in-game stores to a title that has already launched almost never goes over well. So when Fatshark announced it would be opening one in Vermintide 2, gamers immediately feared it would be a naked cash grab.

Weirdly, though, it looks like this one might not suck. At least not at first.

The Case for the Vermintide 2 Store

Vermintide 2 is a gamer’s paradise. Think Warhammer meets Left 4 Dead. Sadly, it’s flown under the radar since its release in Feb. 2018.

According to Steam Charts, it averages around 2,500 active players. Those players are insanely dedicated, but they’re few in number. (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive averages roughly 500,000 players.).

Vermintide 2 - Steam Stats
Vermintide 2 players are insanely dedicated. There just aren’t very many of them. | Source: Steam Charts

Fatshark wants to reward Vermintide 2’s dedicated fanbase with new content, but they can’t do that off the back of three pieces of year-old DLC.

Launching a store is a sensible way of generating funds to keep new content coming.

And it looks they’re going about it the right way.

Most products can be bought using in-game currency. Only a few premium items exist, and both types are exclusively cosmetic.

The Fatshark Store Is Still on Shaky Ground

Vermintide 2 in-game store
Will Fatshark resist the temptation that launching an in-game item store presents? | Source: Fatshark/Steam

I’m still a little bit worried. The Vermintide 2 store doesn’t sound like it’s going to suck, but having premium items at all means that Fatshark must endure the constant temptation to take it a step further.

It would be so simple to just sell one premium item that gives in-game bonuses and can only be purchased with real money. But we all know they’d never be able to stop at one. All it takes is poor sales on a new DLC package to change the equation for a developer.

Let’s hope that Fatshark sticks to its guns. We don’t need another fun game ruined by an exploitative storefront. Where else are we going to satisfy our righteous Sigmarite fury?