Whole Lotta Love Thanks to New Blockchain Powered Dating App


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Recently, there have been many different dating sites and networks popping up. While the demand seems to be there, all services provide more or less the same old list of functions and features. So while all of them share the same goal – to help people find their soul mates or at least a match for the next date, none of them have gone on to rethink the general platform infrastructure.

All the legacy dating apps also work using traditional economics. This is frequently a freemium model providing some free messages and services at the beginning and then charging a fee as soon as the user is adequately hooked. This irritates lots of people and leads platform owners to scammy and fake accounts to keep male users engaged.

“You need cooling

Baby I’m not fooling

I’m gonna send ya

Back to schooling”

Led Zeppelin sing in an iconic song of theirs. Basically, that’s what Hicky.io is aspiring to – sending all of those legacy dating apps “back to schooling” setting a new standard of security and incentivisation alignment for the dating industry.

Hicky elaborates on this in the whitepaper:

“Legacy dating apps, while providing benefits in several areas, still face a major problem pertaining to an incentive mismatch. On the one hand the platform owner aims to monetise users through engagement, retention and (directly or indirectly) selling of data. In diametric opposition meanwhile, users aim to find a desired partner and move away from the platform as quickly as possible. Furthermore, legacy platforms suffer from a lack of privacy, a mismatch between users (with some not finding any matches and others having too many matches to handle), and a general lack of trust regarding the validity of information presented by users.”

Basically, Hicky’s solution is very simple, yet genius: scan the face – verify the face and store this data fully encrypted in a distributed database  using blockchain technology to create a network of trust.        

Hicky uses a multi-dimensional verification process leaning leaning heavily on the biometric identification approach, combining both voice and face scanning as well as image matching. This effectively prevents the use of bots while simultaneously creating a network of trusted participants. This ensures that you can be sure that the person in the profile is actually the person you are slowly sharing your secrets with and that you are setting out to build an intimate relationship with.

Based on the available data on current dating apps, platforms have failed to actually create meaningful relationships at the scale that they potentially could. Mostly, they have led to short-term relationships at best. The reason for this lies in the fact that current dating apps are broken,  they don’t satisfy the user’s requirements in terms of quality of matching and security of data validity.

Hicky starts exactly where current solutions are failing. The overarching verification and governance body referred to as the Decentralised Autonomous Dating mechanism (in short DAD) uses the underlying token economy powered by the Hicky token (HKY) to create a system which encourages good behaviour. Technically, you need to buy tokens to start communicating within the ecosystem of a dating app and if you are an active user following the dating community’s rules and acting to the common purpose of creating a family, you don’t need to buy more tokens. Good behaviour promotion as it is.

The Main Sale will start on February, 14th – Valentine’s day, so don’t miss your chance and visit Hicky’s website to learn more. Also, join their Telegram channel to stay tuned.

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