While Satoshi Nakamoto is the name associated with the bitcoin creator – it is believed to not represent one individual but rather a group of people. That has, however, not stopped some in the crypto community to go searching for an individual. One narrative claims that at the time of writing the white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto was a 37-year male resident of Japan. But the fact that Nakamoto never documented the bitcoin software in Japanese cast doubts on his supposed Japanese heritage. From the contributions that Nakamoto made to online forums others have deduced that his working hours betrayed the fact that his time zone was somewhere in the Americas.

Various individuals have actually been pinpointed as being Satoshi Nakamoto, though they have all denied this. So far all the attempts to identify Nakamoto have been in vain. While the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto will likely remain for the foreseeable future, what is important is his contribution to mankind – a deflationary currency for the internet that does away with intermediaries. But regardless of who you believe Nakamoto to be, how do you obtain what he gifted us?

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