Where is it Really Safe to Store Bitcoin?

BitAmp is a new generation open-source Bitcoin wallet that emphasizes privacy and security. Bitamp wallet offers means for anybody to send and receive Bitcoin from any place, with any device.
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June 4, 2020 2:11 PM UTC

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin! We hear this word more and more often year after year. In the people’s mind bitcoin is no longer associated with deception, fiction, a joke. We mine bitcoin, buy and sell, store and accumulate it.  Bitcoin is widely used as a means of payment.  Take a look around – dollar is no longer an indicator of stability.  Blockchain technology is becoming a part of life. 

With the recent rise in Bitcoin price and its halving, new cryptocurrency market participants may wonder where they can store Bitcoin in the most secure way on their own.

BitAmp is a new generation open-source Bitcoin wallet that emphasizes privacy and security. 

BitAmp developers have created an easy-to-use open-source bitcoin wallet on the user side. Bitamp wallet offers means for anybody to send and receive bitcoin from any place, with any device. The interface also provides the possibility for users to create new Bitcoin wallets in an instant, just writing down a phrase of 12 words. The ones who have the seed phrases created on other platforms, such as Electrum, Mycelium, Ledger, can access their Bitcoins anonymously and securely via the Bitamp website.

BitAmp wallet is completely free. The company development is funded with donations, and the product comes with MIT license.

Clients have a guarantee that their user data will not be stored while interacting with consumer applications on the Internet.  Bitamp doesn’t compromise when it comes to anonymity and security.  Company operations are performed locally in users’ browsers through javascript, while user data and private keys are never transmitted or stored, providing clients complete control over their bitcoins.

BitAmp Description and Community Support 

BitAmp contains the wallet interface as well as it has basic primers on various topics, such as “buy bitcoin”, “spend bitcoin”, “bitcoin mining”, “crypto exchange”, “hardware wallets” and “block researchers”. It helps to provide essential information to beginner users.

The team tends to provide basic support for users who may encounter problems accessing the product. The company will also respond to community feedback and error messages and inform about future roadmap developments. Bitamp is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet for self-storage.

Official website: https://www.bitamp.com/

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