What a bit! New York Introduces a State Bill to Decriminalize Sex Work

June 15, 2019 15:09 UTC

New York introduces a bill that will decriminalize sex workers. This state-wide bill is back by a coalition of more than 30 organizations across LGBTQ R’ US, racial justice and immigrant rights.

This is truly amazing sex workers have always been in the shadows almost like the boogeymen of our society. We know they exist but we choose to ignore them and most of us, just accept prostitution as this vile and low act. I’ve always found it strange that prostitution was illegal.

Last modified: June 15, 2019 15:11 UTC

William Grant is the anchor and scriptwriter for CCN TV. He is based in US, New Jersey. Before joining CCN, he was working as a freelance video spokesperson. He sees news stories from a unique perspective and writes his scripts from a fresh and sarcastic point of view. Reach him out on his website or follow him on his Twitter or email him directly.