What a bit! Is Climate Change Just a Conspiracy Theory?

June 19, 2019

With the temperature rising, forest fires, droughts, extreme weather events you would assume climate change would be the number one problem we’re trying to solve especially with a recent report that nearly 40 percent of the world primates could be affected by climate change. But even with all the evidence and data, still, a lot of people are highly skeptical, believing that climate change is a man-made conspiracy theory. Hey, maybe they’re right maybe this is in gods hands. I’m a believer anything is possible so if this is his plan we should all sit back and ride the wave. Screw it I’m down with that sounds a hella lot easier than taking responsibility.

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Last modified (UTC): June 20, 2019 21:58

William Grant

William Grant is the anchor and scriptwriter for CCN TV. He is based in US, New Jersey. Before joining CCN, he was working as a freelance video spokesperson. He sees news stories from a unique perspective and writes his scripts from a fresh and sarcastic point of view. Reach him out on his website or follow him on his Twitter or email him directly.