The Weekly Doge: A Turning Point

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Dogecoin continues doing good in the face of security challenges.

Welcome back to The Weekly Doge!

I must be honest Shibes; this week has been one of soul-searching for the Dogecoin community.

Between the merged mining debate, and Wafflepool surpassing 51% of the network's hashrate, we heard opinions from important voices like Jackson Palmer and Charlie Lee; unfortunately some very nasty Shibes showed their teeth as well.

Although, the week also had its great moments; with Dogecoin receiving some very important positive public relations attention as well as promising developments in the future.

As long as 1 DOGE continues being worth more than .99 DOGE, the community marches on.

Network Security

Merged mining (covered here on CryptoCoinsNews) is merely one possible solution to the greater issue of preventing 51% attacks on the network.  Options such as multi-algorithmic mining and N-factor integration have also been proposed to fend off Scrypt-ASIC pools generating massive hash-rates.

However, Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer put much of the debate to rest this week when he addressed it in an official update, a state-of-the-coin of sorts,

In a nutshell, I don’t believe that merged mining is the answer right now. Maybe it will be once we see what happens past block 600k, but as I said that’s impossible to predict.

While Jackson Palmer's word is by no means the end of any debate (and he acknowledged this), his opinion does carry significant weight.

Charlie Lee responded appreciatively, but also with a warning that waiting to make a decision in the matter may cost Dogecoin in the future.  Litecoin decided against forking earlier this month due, in part, to the difficulty in mobilizing so many Litecoin early-adopters who may or may not be paying attention to developments.

While this was happening, Wafflepool surpassed 51% of the total network hash-rate, again.

Palmer also announced that the lead developer role for the Dogecoin core has been handed over to Max Keller , who developed dogecoinj, a popular Android wallet.

Staying In The Spotlight

The success of Doge4Nascar has presented Dogecoin with another possible victory: The Sprint Series All Star Race.

Doge-Driver Josh Wise will be driving the Dogecar in two more races, at no additional cost, if we assist him in winning the fan-vote to drive in the Sprint Series race.  All you need to vote is an email address, and your vote counts twice if you use the mobile application.  What are you waiting for?

Another great event to look forward to, Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer was interviewed by Kevin Rose for Techcrunch.  This will not only expose Dogecoin to a wider audience, but also Palmer's ideas that have driven the community for so long.

In fact, Palmer's refusal of venture capital investment and willingness to follow an inflationary model against the cries of the wider crypto-community were part of what attracted me to Dogecoin.  I will be watching the interview with a bucket of popcorn, for sure.

In case you missed it, Dogecoin was featured in a CollegeHumor video about Bitcoin.  The video accurately depicts what it is like to support Dogecoin in a room full of crypto-heads.



Also, don't forget about VeryMuchWow, the Dogecoin magazine, launching this Sunday 4/13/2014!

Disclosure: I contributed a music review column to the magazine.

The Mysterious Hood

Hood was at it again, this time tipping Dogecoin via Twitter to big names like Jimmy Fallon.


Wow, that's over $7000 tipped instantaneously.  Fallon has not yet addressed the tip.  Similar tips went to Ashton Kutcher and a number of journalists with significant followers.

Hood made a name for himself by tipping thousands of dollars to Doge4Water and other people in need via Twitter and reddit.  The total amount of USD given by Hood is approaching $80,000, all tipped in Dogecoin.

While Hood is not directly sponsoring the development of the protocol (as far as we know), he chose Dogecoin as his vessel because of the charitable image the Shibe community has cultivated.

That is all for this week, Shibes!  Thank you again, and I will be back for this piece next week!  I will close with Jackson Palmer's reminder from his official update.

  • Never lose track of what got us here today: kindness, generosity, light-heartedness, and wow.
  • Keep /u/dogetipbot busy by tipping like maniacs (/u/mohland loves staying up late working on scalability issues, trust me).
  • Continue to raise funds for great causes.
  • Spread the word and help digital currency gain awareness for it’s real benefits, and not as a get-rich-quick scheme.

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