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WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao: Blockchain Future Spotlights: Win-Win-Win Business Model

Last Updated May 5, 2023 6:30 AM
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Last Updated May 5, 2023 6:30 AM

Rewind to late 2018. The space was seen as a haven for bad actors. Despite it all, some of the projects not only survived but thrived achieving even a bit more than anyone could have ever believed.

WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao: Filter the Noise and Stay Ahead of the Pack

Strategy varies to cope the market.

Back then, we’ve changed our strategy to filter the noise: focusing on our internal foundation. The warning rough time is actually the best season to polish our sword. It’s the time we improve security, stability, efficiency, and convenience of our public chain’s bottom layer. It’s the time we cultivate technology developers, build communities, and build overseas consensus. Rome was not built in a day. We are devoting all our effort.

WICC Keeps Rising: A Clean Hand Wants No Washing

The market rally let users correct their erroneous belief when they witnessing WaykiCahin was still developing steadily. The price of WICC certainly raised.


How You Score WaykiChain Team for 2018?

As the whole year effort swung the balance of energy and resources in favor of prediction business, our public chain development has been slowed down. But take a look at the reverse side, we’ve got more experience to avoid their failure. Also with our community and business value of prediction, we are capable to promote the public chain development. Our public chain has a much greater chance to be in the line of tier one.

Team Expanding Instead of Layoffs

Our company’s healthy finances allow us to keep growth independently. Now we are paying more attention to internal infrastructure and adopting long-term investment strategy. We are committed to improving technology and products as well as community building.

WaykiChain DApp Funding Program: Win-Win-Win Business Model

WaykiChain DApp Funding Program is a developer-friendly program. We would like to provide developers with help, including capital, technology,  publicity, operation, and other aspects. What we provide is long-term support and will conduct continuous promotion through media and other large platforms, not only just limited to our community marketing promotion.

WaykiChain  provides a technology platform for an operator to reach users for profit. When users become active in our public chain, WICC will become increasingly popular. It forms a win-win-win situation.

WaykiChain Overall Development Strategy 2019

Public chain development

The most important part is the public chain technology construction. Technology construction can also be divided into four aspects: security, stability, efficiency, and usability.

  • Security: it is to ensure the technical security of the entire public chain, including security monitoring, such as black swan event warning and processing mechanism,emergency system and continuous repairing of public chain loopholes.
  • Stability: Opening up business model is to let each role on public chain get profit. In addition to constantly optimizing and improving the stability of the public chain, we will also set up a 24-hour emergency rescue team later.
  • Efficiency: to enhance the efficiency of public chain mainly refers to the improvement of public chain performance, increase of transaction speed, TPS.
  • Usability: usability refers to the improvement of virtual machines, the improvement of developer tools and documentation, and the easy access of invoking various interfaces. To this, we feature stablecoin. We expect WICC to be designed as stablecoin at the bottom layer of the public chain.

We are committed to helping developers more easily develop their own DApps on our public chain and more easily achieve commercial value.

Consensus Building

Now digital currency opportunities are more from overseas.  Domestic users and foreign users hold entirly different ideas towards market float. Overseas users concerns more about the project progress and technological innovation. It’s more consistent with our overall strategy. Our team’s exploration of overseas markets and industry knowledge keep stepping forward.

Whomst Difficulties & Challenges? There is always a Solution.

There is always a solution.

The market is still skeptical about whether blockchain is profitable. We stick to our concept and believe that a fair and transparent business model will always be welcome.

Overseas market expansion is also a challenge. Luckily, Our team’s exploration of overseas markets and industry knowledge keep stepping forward.

We are committed to conducting technological breakthroughs and will pursue this company’s image to the whole world. As I might say, there is always a Solution. Difficulties and challenges are nothing to stop us from stepping forward.

For more information please visit- https://www.waykichain.com 

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