Delightful Wattam Gets Equally Charming Exclusive PS4 Cover Art

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December 11, 2019 11:24 AM UTC
  • Annapurna Interactive announces exclusive PS4 physical edition of Wattam.
  • Pre-orders start tomorrow.
  • Wattam launches in digital form on Dec. 17.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive, developer Funomena, and retailer iam8bit announced yesterday a delightful physical edition of Wattam on PlayStation 4. Wattam is the latest project from Keita Takahashi, the creator behind the cult PlayStation 2 oddity Katamari Damacy.

Three Exclusive Covers

The limited print run includes three exclusive reversible covers oozing with cutesy delight. They feature an adorable personified apple, egg, and sushi. While rudimentary in their design, the covers make up for it in sheer charm.

Source: iam8bit

Pre-orders start from tomorrow over on iam8bit’s website for the reasonable sum of a little less than $30. The physical edition also comes packaged with an original instruction manual written and illustrated by Takahashi himself. The disc is region free meaning worldwide compatibility.

For those that want more Wattam paraphernalia, pre-orders for an exclusive two-disc vinyl soundtrack LP with cover art by Keita Takahashi, including a pop-out bowler hat, go live tomorrow as well.

Wattam Releases Dec. 17

As for the digital version of Wattam, the game hits the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store on Dec. 17.

Here’s the official Wattam pitch if the lovely covers haven’t sold you already;

Mayor is alone in a dark world with no memories, too sad to realize his dear friends are still nearby. However, an unexpected reunion helps him remember the joy in simply grabbing a friend by the hand and running off to adventure together.

Join Mayor as he reunites with new and old friends and discover the forgotten joy of their world. Take control of a cast of characters by yourself or with a friend, transform into fruits & poops, climb to new heights, laugh, cry, tumble, and soar beyond the differences of words and thoughts to bring everyone together. Learn to have fun again!

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