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Watch Dogs: Legion Has Leaked in Screenshots – And It Looks Awful

New screenshots for Ubisoft's upcoming action-adventure Watch Dogs: Legion have leaked and boy do they look rough around the edges.

  • New screenshots for Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion have leaked.
  • The images leave a lot to be desired visually and showcase a game that looks rough around the edges.
  • Ubisoft will host the E3-replacement ‘Ubisoft Forward’ showcase this Sunday.

Hot on the heels of a chunky half-hour of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay slipping through the cracks over the weekend, new Watch Dogs: Legion screenshots have popped up online.

They come courtesy of a post on Reddit that claims they come from sources in the Chinese media who reportedly had the chance to test out a new build on Tuesday. They allegedly showcase areas of Watch Dogs: Legion that hasn’t featured in officially released trailers and gameplay footage.

Watch Dogs: Legion Looks Awful

The screens are stamped with ‘Work in Progress,’ and we’re hard-pressed to disagree with that description as they sure look rough around the edges. They’d be more at home in an early-gen game, and that’s being kind.

Watch Dogs: Legion looks more at home in an early-gen game.| Source: Reddit

There’s nothing next-gen about them whatsoever, which may be down to the game running on current-gen consoles.

Yet, even then, they are a world away from the graphical quality of late-gen releases such as The Last of Us Part II. If they stand as any measure of what to expect from Watch Dogs: Legion, it may be best to temper expectations.

Watch Dogs: Legion screenshots don’t bode well for the final release. | Source: Reddit

There’s some cause for optimism, though. The image quality leaves a lot to be desired, notably with what appears to be a low resolution. There’s hope Watch Dogs: Legion looks significantly better when playing hands-on.

Ubisoft is expected to showcase Watch Dogs: Legion this Sunday.| Source: Reddit

The new build reports are unconfirmed, implying we may be looking at an older build. Ubisoft has hopefully improved the graphics in the interim. The developer has delayed the game enough times for players to expect more than what the screenshots showcase.

Fortunately, we shouldn’t have long to wait to determine whether they offer a genuine sense of what we can expect from Watch Dogs: Legion or not.

Ubisoft is hosting its Ubisoft Forward showcase this Sunday, July 12. Watch Dogs: Legion features on the line-up going by a teaser trailer for the event released yesterday.

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