Warner Bros. Records’ artist, Mastodon, to accept Bitcoin for New Album

June 11, 2014 20:00 UTC

Mastodon, the Warner Bros. Record’s artist, will accept Bitcoin for their new album Once More ‘Round the Sun that will be released on June 24th. Bitpay announced today that they have partnered up with Mastodon, making Mastodon the first major label band to accept Bitcoin for an album.

Mastodon’s new album will be available for purchase with Bitcoin here.


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Mastodon is one of the most successful hard rock bands of the past decade, both critically and commercially. The band is well known for its innovative sound and style, making them a perfect fit for the bitcoin community.

“We’re excited to work with fellow Atlanta-natives BitPay for our new album,” said Mastodon in a statement. “We want to give our fans as many options to buy our new album as possible, and are happy that bitcoin can be one of those choices.”

“BitPay is honored to partner with Warner Bros. Records artist Mastodon. Having a major label artist embrace bitcoin is a definite sign of bitcoin’s growth and expansion into the world of music,” said Tony Gallippi, BitPay’s Co-founder and Executive Chairman.

View their recently published music video High Road below:

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