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July 16, 2014

If you’ve hung around BitcoinTalk for any length of time, you’re all too aware of the typical trolling and hate mongering that goes on. For a company to have an announcement thread four pages deep, with not a single complaint (and nothing but praise) is a truly remarkable achievement within the Bitcoin Community.

What’s more, is that although CoinRNR has only been active for roughly six months, they’ve also managed to sustain an outstanding customer support track record; a feat few other similar business have successfully pulled off.

And it’s no wonder. With ultra-fast buying and selling of Bitcoin via fiat, and the owner (Mazin) who seemingly never sleeps, CoinRNR has genuinely earned the trust and respect of fellow Bitcoiners.


It’s important to note that CoinRNR is not an exchange in the conventional sense, but rather a retailer that specializes in Bitcoin as the product. According to the CoinRNR website, it was created to “help bridge the gap between fiat and crypto coins without any unnecessary delays or waiting periods.”

Important CoinRNR Information

While they do have a handy step-by-step tutorial, oddly there was no FAQ page. So I proceeded to make contact with CoinRNR for a short interview. The interviewee was extremely prompt and cordial and on a Saturday no less. I suspect I was talking to the owner (Mazin). Although I cannot say for certain, as they never volunteered their name.

  • When asked if there is a verification process required:

CoinRNR Support replied by saying that all the user does is enter their name, email, billing address, and last four digits of their social security number. CoinRNR further explained that they verify the information in real time. CoinRNR Support also said that users must also verify their mobile phone number.

  • When asked “What if a user for whatever reason does not have a cell phone?”:

CoinRNR Support replied by saying that they are likely going to be out of luck. They went on to say that they in rare circumstances, they can sometimes manually verify users via a phone call to a land line.

CoinRNR Support indicated that they verify the information through a third party (BISON). Some users are held for manual review if they’re unable to verify their address through our system (required for all users). However, if a user tries to sign up and their account isn’t verified right away, they can email CoinRNR Support and have it manually reviewed.

  • When asked if CoinRNR will work with any debit / checking account (vs. just a savings account):

CoinRNR Support replied by saying that CoinRNR works with all US checking accounts.

  • When asked what is the bank wire fees for delivery speed (i.e. three business days, next business day, or same day), they replied with the following fee schedule:

Three business day bank wire: $3.00
Next business day bank wire: $10.00
Same day bank wire: $30.00

At this time, CoinRNR is only catering to US and Canadian Bitcoiners, with one chapter in the US (owned and operated by CM Technologies, LLC in Raleigh, NC), and one in Canada (owned and operated by CoinRNR Inc. in Concord, ON). For more information, you can visit them at CoinRNR.com.

Disclosure: This author has no vested interest in CoinRNR. You should always do your own due diligence before using any service.

Image Attribution: InsideBitcoins.com

Mark M. Bravura

Mark M. Bravura is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and passionate advocate of bitcoin and it's related altcoin innovations. When not writing, he likes to search the interwebs for exciting new breakthroughs and projects within the bitcoin ecosystem.