Vote for the Name of the 0.0001 Bitcoin Unit

Gordon Hall
January 9, 2014

The Bitcoin Talk poll for the name of the 0.0001 Bitcoin unit will be ending at midnight (CST) this Friday.

The four choices which made it through the initial stages of voting are as follows:

bip – This name stems from the financial term “basis point“. With a bp being 1/100 of 1%, numerically it works out to the same fractional amount, even though it has a different meaning.

bit – The original monetary bit referred to an amount commonly used in the colonial U.S., specifically 12.5 cents (1/8 of a Spanish dollar from the era.)

finney – This name was suggested in honor of Hal Finney, whose noteworthiness with regards to his contributions to Bitcoin and cryptography in general can be explored in this thread (and is summarized in his wikipedia page.)

nakamoto – Obviously a complementary name to “satoshi.”

My vote is for finney, with bip a distant second. I encourage everyone to read Hal’s story in his own words to discover why.

Head on over to the poll thread and cast your vote. Note that you’ll need to be logged in to vote.

Gordon Hall

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