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Video: Virginia Liberal Attempts to Justify Murder Masked as Abortion Procedure

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:53 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:53 PM

Let’s talk about abortion. I’ve always been “pro-choice.” On a personal level, I’ve never considered abortion. I’m currently a single father of four as a result. I don’t like to make decisions for other people. If you feel you need to have an abortion, it’s a legal procedure. I’m not a fan of states that try to make it impossible  through various means. I don’t let morality enter into it. If it’s not my body, it’s not my moral conundrum. I hadn’t thought much about it recently until I saw this video of Virginia lawmaker Kathy Tran, in which she states her third trimester (begins in week 28 of pregnancy ) abortion bill has no provision preventing the murder of an American child.

If this video doesn’t disturb you, seek mental help.

The Difference Between Abortion and Murder

Look, there’s a reason we have term limits on abortion. It’s not an arbitrary limit. The limit is in place because after a certain point, you’re simply taking away a life. We have modern medicine. As the video clearly shows, Tran and her people couldn’t provide one example wherein the mother’s life might be at risk that late in the pregnancy. The unnamed cases which her assistant couldn’t say much about were “anomalies.”

Tran’s bill allows for the third trimester “termination of a pregnancy” in the event that it would “harm the mental health of the mother.” Another delegate asks Tran, how late in the pregnancy would that be allowed? She walks around saying: until the last day of the pregnancy.

You’re due to deliver on the 10th, you can terminate on the 9th, as long as you get one doctor to say it’s okay. You also don’t have to go to a hospital to do it. Let’s deregulate a delicate and dangerous procedure while we’re at it.

Tell the same Democrats the government doesn’t have any business in our pocketbooks and they’ll argue all day.

The Difference Between Pro-Choice and Advocating Murder

Again, I support the right to terminate pregnancies, in all cases. I’m not a “pro-life” extremist. There’s a difference between a fetus and a baby. And that difference happens around 19-20 weeks. It’s in those weeks that we begin to get to where, in an emergency situation, we could be delivered prematurely and actually live. I’m sure a few people to the right of me are already firing up their keyboards, thinking they’ll sway me further on the issue. You won’t.

No, I’m not against abortion. I am against murder, which I define as the taking of an innocent life. Soldier’s aren’t murderers. A huge portion of “murder” trials in America should be classified as something else. While liberals like Kathy Tran are overwhelmingly in favor of killing infants, in some places they don’t even want you to have the right to defend your home .

A State Which Fails to Protect Children Is A Failed State

I believe if you’re going to have a government, it had better protect those who can’t protect themselves. I’d like to see less money wasted on regulation and spent on helping those people. If these mothers don’t want their “technically viable” children, I believe we as a society should prepare them to be contributing citizens, at our expense. We should foster a healthier attitude toward sex and children if we want to see less of that, I feel.

If you’re going to have a government, it better keep murder illegal. Killing someone the day or the week before they are born is definitely murder. In real terms, it’s no different than killing them the day after they are born. It is the killing of an innocent. That’s murder. Deal with it. Get out of your little mind and accept that. You’re advocating the murder of children with this.

There are plenty on my side of politics who would prefer a woman have no rights at all in this department. I think they are wrong. There are cases  where it’s more acceptable to have an abortion than not. I also think for the most part it’s none of my business. But in the same way, I wouldn’t let a child be killed out in the middle of my street if I could prevent it, I don’t think our society should allow laws like Kathy Tran’s or New York’s  to exist.

Kathy Tran Believes Mentally Ill Mothers Should Be Allowed to Kill Their Infants

Because now you’re talking about killing American children. You’re not talking about a medical procedure. It confounds me that you can take the same argument I use to defend a woman’s right to choose and spin it into her and some doctor’s right to choose infanticide. “Morally repugnant” doesn’t do it justice.

Tran’s push follows the passage of a law in New York  that allows the same as described. The law doesn’t only legalize murder. In the event that the child is delivered, the mother and the doctors are allowed to decide whether or not to let the child live.

Let’s be clear: most children will not survive without some medical care immediately after birth. Any law that allows for the denial of medical care is a dereliction of what it means to govern. Frankly, it sounds like the kind of laws that Nazis would have agreed with – genetically inferior children have less right to life than those of the master race or some crap.

Listen, Democrat. In the end, these types of liberals make you all look bad. Your failure to rein them in will hopefully be the end of your viability as a party. The backlash won’t be pretty. Arkansas, my state, is all set to fully outlaw abortion  if a federal decision ever allows for it. Several other states  are on board with this type of regression. They will use cases like Kathy Tran  and the Soviet Socialist Republic of New York  to justify such unconstitutional decisions. I suggest you think twice the next time you choose not to condemn your colleagues when they start describing murder as a rational medical procedure.