Exclusive Video: Gordon Geeko’s Cryptocoaster #1 – Falling Fast! + Litecoin/Bitcoin Trading System

January 12, 2014

Here’s my first video update. I’m calling the series CryptoCoaster because anyone trading cryptocurrency is in for an exciting ride full of ups and downs!

Some of the detail is hard to see, you might want to go with full screen.

[embedvideo id=”VdXzHQwStUI” website=”youtube”]

Now that I’m out the market, I’ve calculated my total profit. 17% over 17 days, which I’m happy with. My trading approach is to make steady gains without too much stress, not shoot the lights out.

Here’s the link to DrewR’s Trading View profile for his Cups system.

And here’s the Huobi news.

My Trading View profile is here, I’ll put up my latest chart showing all my entries and exits for this round “soon.”

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