vrc_logoOn Monday, July 28, the Bitcoin Center of New York City hosted the first ever VeriCoin Party.

Starting at 7pm, Monday evening, people from all over came to the Bitcoin Center for a night of good-ole Crytpo fun. What is VeriCoin?

“[VeriCoin] is a proof-of-stake currency. We have a feature where you can pay for anything [where] Bitcoin is accepted with VeriCoin, right in the wallet. So, it’s a fast, efficient proof-of-stake currency that’s as spendable as Bitcoin.”

– Douglas Pike, VeriCoin Developer

Throughout the evening, a live band played classic rock and there were plenty of drinks and pizza to go around. AntMiners were handed off in giveaways and people could pick up stickers and shirts.

VeriCoin developers Patrick Nosker and Douglas Pike were there, greeting guests and talking up a storm about new and interesting features to VeriCoin. Later in the evening, both of them held a presentation of VeriCoin’s features including VeriSend; a transaction tumbler that allows your transactions to become more anonymous, and VeriBit; allowing you to use VeriCoin anywhere Bitcoin is accepted.

There was also live-trading on the floor, as is usual on Monday and Thursday evenings at the Bitcoin Center.

With the music, the chatter, the dancing and the cryptocurrencies, to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere was a rare and unique pleasure to experience.

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