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VELIC Secures Investment from Japanese Venture Capital, B Dash Ventures

Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:04 AM
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Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:04 AM

Hiroyuki Watanabe, CEO of B Dash Ventures, joins as an advisor for VELIC

VELIC, a digital asset platform based in Singapore, announced an investment from a fund managed by B Dash Ventures, a prominent venture capital in Japan. The investment will jumpstart VELIC’s blockchain financial ecosystem, and Hiroyuki Watanabe, CEO of B Dash Ventures, will serve as an advisor to provide further insight and network in the blockchain space.

Last January, VELIC secured a suite of successful strategic partnerships with Deblock, a blockchain accelerator, and ICON, South Korea’s leading blockchain project. Thanks to further investment from B Dash Ventures, VELIC will expand its blockchain financial ecosystem to overseas markets.

VELIC is a blockchain-based financial project that combines blockchain technology and financial services in order to create a new platform for both institutional and retail investors. By providing a transparent transaction process alongside a contribution-based reward system, VELIC aims to build a healthy crypto-financial ecosystem. The VELIC platform will launch a plethora of crypto-related services such as a proprietary custody solution, an exchange, crypto loans, and investment packages.

B Dash Ventures, one of Japan’s most prominent venture capitals, primarily invests in high-growth sector startups which will serve as the backbone of next-generation technology. From early-stage seed investments and late-stage seed rounds, B Dash Ventures strategically invests in a wide range of startups. B Dash Ventures manages various funds created through investments from major telecom networks, internet companies, financial institutions, and others.


“I personally believe in the vast potential of blockchain and highly respect VELIC team’s ambitious vision,” says Hiroyuki Watanabe, the CEO of B Dash Ventures. “I am pleased to join as an advisor and look forward to further pushing the boundaries of crypto-finance with the VELIC team.”

VELIC, which is composed of financial experts, has been developing its financial platform since its incorporation in Singapore in 2018. VELIC has taken its first step towards the global stage, officially having launched its exchange service on March 25.

On April 6, VELIC will offer its base platform tokens (VELT) through an Initial Auction Offering (IAO), which is an innovative token offering process and involves a differentiated pricing model from the common IEO and ICO methods. The IAO is an auction process, generally applied in traditional stock markets before or after trading hours, which determines the opening price and the closing price by matching multiple orders for the simultaneous execution of a trade. VELIC is the first project to introduce this methodology in the blockchain space. This approach will allow it to address an increased trading volume, which is typical for initial offerings. VELIC transposed the call auction model to its IAO. VELIC wants to transform the way digital assets are distributed among adopters, and this IAO model seems to be the ideal approach. The largest stake goes to those who want it more. Users can register and whitelist their accounts through KYC verification to partake in the IAO.

[About VELIC]

VELIC is a comprehensive digital asset platform that provides a wide array of crypto-finance products to both retail and institutional investors. VELIC aims to provide crypto-enabled: asset management, proprietary crypto-storage, and cryptocurrency-based loans, all within a single platform.

VELIC is also part of ICON’s Finance DApp Partnership

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[Introduction of B Dash Ventures]

B Dash Ventures was established in June 2011 to invest in internet/mobile-related startups. The VC focuses especially in ad-tech, gaming, and online media sectors. B Dash Ventures also hosts Japan’s largest tech event “B Dash Camp” twice a year which consists of presentations, panel discussions, and startup pitch competitions.

Website: http://www.bdashventures.com 

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