VCAP Crowdsale Takes Ethereum to the Movies

Press Release: VCAP, a new Ethereum token to raise capital for the first feature film funded by cryptocurrency, was released this week. Produced by Hedley Productions LLC, Listen Carefully is smart, sinister comedy that gleefully takes on big business, the cult of self-improvement, and government paranoia.

Thanks to the development team at Obsidian CryptoVault Technologies LLC, VCAP tokens are now ‘live’, available for purchase in Ether through August 17. The film’s budget is set at $3.5 M to $5 M. One hundred percent (100%) of all first moneys earned from the film will go directly to the token holders (and outside investors if partial money is raised) until the original investment is paid off. Thereafter, 50% of all profits will go to the token holders and investors, with 50% held for producers, distributors, actors, and creative artists.

The VCAP website,, includes a projection of profits based on similarly budgeted and cast comedies. Listen Carefully will shoot in in fall 2016 with release for summer of 2017, when we anticipate investment returns. To assure full transparency of all work and for investors to track progress on the film, we have our own site, social media and several industry websites listed on where you can track all aspects of production and profit. Our tokens are all multisig, and our address and phone number are public on our website. In funding our feature film through cryptocurrency, we envision a double-win: buzz and publicity for the film, and tangible proof of the power of crypto out in the real-world.

If we believe crypto-currency is a viable alternate currency, as the original developers intended it to be, then we defeat the purpose of that by staying cloistered within our insular community–trading among ourselves, building new coins and software. This is an opportunity for crypto to step outside of its comfort zone and invest in a industry currently dominated by studios and traditional currencies. If we can fully fund this small project with crypto-currency, imagine the impact it could have. And, we will demonstrate the influence we can hold. Check out, and help us met our goals now!