ValueCash Announces ICO to Reform E-Commerce With Its PoT Protocol

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ValueCash a completely self-governing E-Commerce entity combined with the robust concept of Blockchain Technology written on the Dynamics of the “Proof of Trade Protocol - PoT”, today announced its heightened interest in its coin offering (ICO) which is set to commence January 8th, 2018. The PoT Protocol validates Buyers and Merchants to create new ValueCash Coin after there is successful transaction between the 2 parties when ValueCash is used.

The E-Commerce market is currently valued at about 2.5 trillion USD. This amount is increasing continuously and is statistically predicted to reach nearly 5 trillion USD by the end of 2021. Given the development of internet and mobile, the global E-Commerce market is in the state of expansion and consolidation, more consumers are buying digitally, and worldwide retail E-Commerce sales are on the rise. At the same time, major international players are widening their reach by buying up smaller local platforms, especially in burgeoning E-Commerce market.

“We are overjoyed to provide the Crypto-Community with the power to reduce the effects of inflation for a more reliable and realistic future that truly sustains our income in different facets of life by joining the growing market of E-Commerce, using the PoT Protocol,” said PR of the  ValueCash Team. “Putting power into the hands of the common man should never be overlooked”.

The POT Protocol allows buyers mints 5% New ValueCash Coin for the Value of Item purchased with ValueCash Coin, merchants mints 2% New ValueCash Coin of the Value of Items sold or services offered, affiliates mints 1% New ValueCash Coin of the Value of Items sold or services offered by merchants they referred while 2% New ValueCash Coin of the Value of Items sold or services offered is minted for Valuecash Blockchain Network Security, Further Development and Marketing.

In the light of this, ValueCash allows participants with referrals during the ICO to earn 5% ValueCash plus 10% Cash reward which will be settled immediately after the period of ICO.
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