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Utilising Data from IoT: How Databroker DAO Has Changed the Data Collection Game

Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:11 AM
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Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:11 AM

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Internet of Things (IoT) technology is rapidly becoming more relevant in modern society due to the number of useful services it can provide. This technology can be utilized to regulate the thermostat of a home or be used on a large scale manufacturing facility, where robots can communicate important assembly details. However, the amount of money being spent on buying and maintaining IoT sensors globally is in the hundreds of billions, which sets a high barrier of entry for the competition.

All of the data that is collected by the users of IoT sensors is also closed off, and left unutilized, until now. Databroker DAO is offering a solution to this problem  by offering IoT sensor users a direct marketplace for their data, allowing for second-hand use of their data, in a system self-described by Databroker DAO as an “eBay” for IoT sensor data, allowing users to monetize their data, and convert their expenditures into investments.

Databroker DAO  has expressed interest in expanding their business into the Chinese market. China is the global leader in IoT sensor data and hardware, possessing 22% of the global market share. That market is still expanding today, with the market growing faster than  GDP; with estimates of growth expecting to be between 20% and 30% by 2020, furthering China’s lead in IoT, and sustaining their status as the market leader. Databroker DAO has acknowledged this, and have extended the sale on the DTX tokens, which now ends on June 30th, to try and infiltrate the Chinese market by allowing Chinese stakeholders to participate. Furthermore, Databroker DAO is in the process of finding a trustworthy Chinese exchange to sell DTX.

Details for the official dates and locations for their Chinese roadshow, running from June 12th to June 20th, 2018 have been announced, in an attempt to reach the sale target of 108 million DTX.


China isn’t the sole vision of Databroker DAO’s future, with a new addition to its international alliance, Aerodyne. Aerodyne uses drones as solution providers globally, under a unique business model, allowing people to rent their drones for various tasks, including 35,000 leasing operations and over 100,000 infrastructure inspections in 2017. This unique business model allows for unlimited uses, such as surveillance, security, product delivery, and even mining, with drones that can execute their tasks immediately, without the need for deployment, and the lack of training and maintenance costs helping to keep expenses low.

This partnership between Databroker DAO  and Aerodyne allows for a mutually beneficial relationship. The data collected by the working drones would have been an expenditure, as the data is logged and then left unused, but the selling of their data on Databroker DAO creates fewer expenses for Aerodyne, creating a more cost-effective system for them. The data collected by these drones could be useful for whoever may desire it, providing sensor data, as well as photographic and video material from a bird’s eye view.