U.S. Is the Coronavirus Epicenter Because Donald Trump Took This Massive Gamble

President Donald Trump hoped that the virus would go away in April. It appears that he is doing nothing to soften the blow of the pandemic.

President Donald Trump

A series of missteps by the Trump administration may have made the coronavirus pandemic even worse. | Image: U.S. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

  • President Donald Trump hoped coronavirus would go away in April.
  • The president is influencing Americans’ expectations of the number of coronavirus deaths.
  • It would appear that Trump is doing nothing to soften the blow of the pandemic.

The United States has 240,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, which represents roughly a quarter of all cases in the world. New York is suffering the brunt of the pandemic with over 92,000 cases, a number that’s higher than all cases in China.

The U.S. could have curbed the spread of the virus if President Trump listened to reason. Instead, he took a gamble and now hundreds of thousands of lives are in danger.

President Trump Recklessly Endangered the Lives of Americans

Trump had the opportunity to stay a step ahead of the virus. But he chose to ignore the warnings of experts in the field. Now, Americans are paying the price.

One of Trump’s advisers reveals that the U.S. president “took a gamble” and hoped that warmer weather would kill the coronavirus. The adviser said that Trump sided with aides and ignored the “dire warnings” of doctors.

Trump ignored the writings on the wall
Trump ignored the writing on the wall. | Source: Twitter

A video taken February 10 shows that Trump was convinced the virus would die in April due to the warmer weather.

Trump’s nonchalant attitude gave the impression that the novel coronavirus poses little to no threat. Because of Trump’s monumental miscalculation, the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans are in peril.

President Trump Expects 200,000 Deaths Due to COVID-19

President Donald Trump appears to be conditioning the minds of the American public by painting an awful scenario. In a press conference, the U.S. president said,

If we have between 100,000 and 200,000 we’ve all together done a very good job.

Trump’s expectations are so bad that the U.S. government has already ordered 100,000 body bags and is ready to buy more.

The Trump administration is preparing for hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths
The Trump administration is preparing for hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths. | Source: Twitter

It seems that Trump is doing nothing to save the lives of Americans other than appear in press conferences to try to boost his ratings.

To give you some context, the novel coronavirus arrived in South Korea on the same day as it did in the United States. South Korea immediately implemented mass testing and extensive contact tracing measures. To date, only 169 have died in South Korea due to the virus.

Still, the U.S. government wants the public to expect as many as 200,000 deaths. Trump even had the audacity to say that the coronavirus will go away after a month or so.

Donald Trump believes that the U.S. will be free from the coronavirus by May
Trump believes the U.S. will be free from the coronavirus by May. | Source: Twitter

It appears that Trump is once again taking a gamble instead of listening to expert advice. While doing so, he is preparing hundreds of thousands of body bags.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
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