UNstoppables Club accepts Bitcoin in the Antarctic

April 12, 2014 19:40 UTC
Julio De Laffitte is one of the founders of the UNstoppables Club. For their first event in the Antarctic, they will accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Accepting Bitcoin seems a popular thing nowadays. While governments are busy trying to discourage people of interpreting the virtual money as a real currency, many retailers are doing the opposite by accepting Bitcoin as a valid method of payment. It seems the cryptocurrency has even made it to Antarctic now.

Networking around the Antarctic Peninsula

Meet ‘The UNstoppables Club‘. A gathering of businesspeople, created to promote innovation and provide networking opportunities. Not so special if it were not for the fact that they chose a rather odd location for this event. The Club will meet during an 11 day expedition to the Antarctic, involving a voyage around the Antarctic Peninsula and daily excursions onto the ice by inflatable boat and foot. During this adventure, there will also be workshops and speakers to help attendees build their businesses.

The brains behind this are Julio De Laffitte and Chad Zani.  Founder De Laffitte is CEO of JDL Strategies, a company that helps people save time and money by integrating financial planning, accounting, finance, and property investment services into a cohesive package. Co-Founder of The UNstoppables Club is Chad Zani, Founder of Australia’s largest ASX listed ATM provider Ezeatm. Chad Zani has been a business owner for over 13 years and has built many successful businesses himself as well as consulted to hundreds more.

“I have been dreaming of a place for a while where the world’s greatest minds can come together and stir things up and make a change.”

Said De Lafitte.

Powerful experiences are best shared with like-minded individuals because out of them comes inspiration and the ability to action what is learned. The UNstoppables is an environment that allows this to happen.

The future is Bitcoin

In order to join the adventure, attendees will have to pay a cost between $15,000 and $25,000, depending on the amount of luxury they desire on the boat. A great amount of money, but not that great when taking into account that De Lafitte already invested $1.2 million of his own into the expedition. “This trip is intended to be a hotbed for new business ideas and initiatives. The outcome will be worth the initial costs to make it happen. We want to get a batch of kick-ass people in a very kick-ass place.” Added De Laffitte.

And when we’re talking about new business models and daring initiatives, Bitcoin is always right behind the corner. While local authorities are trying to underline the supposed risks of using cryptocurrencies, events like this prove once again that the business world sees lots of potential in Bitcoin. The UNstoppables Club happily accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment for this expedition. “The Unstoppables Club was created out of the pure necessity of an environment and ecology that can handle the coming together of “old money” and “new money” to cope with the unprecedented amount of opportunities that now exist to us.” said Laffitte on the UNstoppables website.

The world needs new business ideas and, more importantly, a new approach to how business is created and maintained. Standing still is no option, too many things are at stake. Bitcoin is not only an option to facilitate the way money is transferred in the world. It creates opportunities for more ecological solutions, the kind of solutions we will have to find if we want to survive the next 1,000 years. Maybe this is not something that directly influences our lives (although it very well might), but it is something we will be held responsible for in the future. Or as the UNstoppables club said it: “It’s not just for profit. It’s not just for money. We’re killing the planet, so we have to find new business models.”

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