United States Selling the Silk Road Bounty?

January 8, 2014 03:41 UTC

Is the United States Selling the Silk Road Bounty?

From Tech Crunch:

“The Silk Road moderator Gary Davis, aka Libertas, is officially free on bail and awaiting an extradition hearing on February 13. Irish and U.S. authorities arrested Davis on December 20 in an international operation that also nabbed Silk Road moderators Andrew Jones, aka Inigo, and Peter Phillip Nash, aka SameSameButDifferent.”

This is leading some to believe that the sell off in the markets today can be attributed to the selling of the bitcoins in these wallets.

This idea that the government has lost faith in Bitcoin is a farce, in my opinion.  And I looked at both wallets (here and here), but I do not see the movement out of the wallets.  Things are not adding up.  Maybe a better informed reader can point us in the right direction.

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