7 Unique Ways to Spend Your Bitcoin

August 2, 2014 11:40 UTC

So you have bitcoins and want to spend them, but you are not sure what to buy? We all know you can purchase items off Newegg or Dell, but what if you don’t want to buy electronics? You want those novelty products that make your friends jealous and quite possibly end up on a shelf in your office gathering dust before ending up as the perfect gift at a white elephant party. Here are seven ways to spend your bitcoins that you probably didn’t know about.


1. Tickets to Space

While this one won’t end up on your shelf, it will make your friends envious. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space flight company is now accepting payment via bitcoins. You’ll need several bitcoins to purchase a seat to fly into space. A seat on Virgin Galactic costs $250,000 which is a little over 416 bitcoins at a going rate of $600 per coin. Only 405 coins more to go for me before I book my seat.

2. IRobot Vacuum Cleaner.

Does your partner complain you don’t do enough chores around the house? Maybe it’s time to purchase this little guy. While these robots are not programmed with The Three Laws of Robotics, the worst thing these guys could do is clean the floor extremely well – and I’m okay with that. Not only can you sit back on the sofa and read the news from your favorite cryptocurrency news site but you can also point to some tangible object and say, “We bought that with our bitcoins.”

3. A hand for your Iphone

Admit it, this will spend more time on the shelf then on your phone, but that won’t stop you for purchasing it. This novelty product is shaped like a human hand and allows you to talk on the phone while holding someone’s something’s hand. Why does the forever alone meme come to mind right now? Let’s be fair, there are endless opportunities for the partial joker out there – admittedly most of them begin with “can someone lend me a hand?”

4. Punnet

“Add a bit of zest to your wardrobe with these hand crocheted organic bamboo yarn beads, strung on waxed cotton.“ is the tag-line for this product. I see this on the rear view mirror of a VW bug or around the neck of the driver in the VW Type 2 Bus. After doing some browsing on their website they do offer some pretty cool items, and their recycled gallery and textile studio is very interesting. Take a look around.

5. Transformers Megatron USB Drive

Who doesn’t like the Transformers? Age of Extinction grossed over 8.75 million on the midnight screening in North America, which was the third biggest for 2014. For those of us who need to exhibit our fandom, there’s this little guy. The 4GB flash drive of Megatron is a 2.5” tall and uses hi-speed USB 2.0, technology the transformers would be proud of – maybe.

6. Vinyl Records

Nothing beats the sound of vinyl, unless that’s the sound of high-resolution audio. That’s right; you can purchase vinyl records with your bitcoins now and there is a surprisingly large selection for you to choose among. Now if only they sold the turntable record player as well.

7. Female Voice

Have a product you need to advertise but you don’t sound like Bruce Buffer, or Don LaFontaine? Maybe you need a softer touch or perhaps you don’t know where to begin when it comes to voice recording – yes it takes more than a microphone and the pre-installed Sound Recorder on your PC. Stephanie Murphy offers her voice and will accept Bitcoin as payment. She even offers a 20% discount for those who use Bitcoin as their payment method.

There you have it, seven completely unique products and services you can purchase with your bitcoins. For me, I think I’ll start a campaign to raise money for my trip into space. What will you buy?

List compiled by Jon at ShopJoy.com.au

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