Unification Providing Immutable Blockchain For RegTech One By AML Partners

Unification Foundation and AML Partners announce the integration of Unification's WRKChain technology to provide blockchain immutability as part of AML Partners’ RegTech Platform
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September 26, 2019 5:58 AM UTC

Unification Foundation and AML Partners announce the integration of Unification’s WRKChain technology to provide blockchain immutability designed to encrypt and hash verified Due Diligence, Identity, and GRC records as part of AML Partners’ RegTech Platform. With a market size valued upwards of $300 Billion USD, blockchain technologies are quickly becoming standards in the software landscape, positioning both Unification and AML Partners for continued growth. 

“We are excited to bring a high degree of transparency and accountability to RegTech One with Unification’s integrated blockchain toolkits for federal agencies and private enterprises. AML Partners’ extensive experience with GRC and SysFi.ID provides the perfect real-world use case for immutable blockchain technologies at scale with large government and enterprise users.” – Neyma Jahan, CEO Unification Foundation 

Since 2006, AML Partners has innovated to provide intelligent software platforms for the purpose of enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Anti Money Laundering, Customer Due Diligence Onboarding, and Risk Assessment. AML Partners has over 60 institutions as clients in 17 countries. Its software is used to manage GRC daily while complying with all rules, regulations, and expectations of governing bodies. Their most recent release, RegTech One, will be the pivotal platform for the SysFi.ID amalgamated solution recognized in the prestigious Mitre Challenge competition.  

“Our RegTech One platform for RegTech applications is a powerful new approach to GRC and Horizontal Governance. Working with Unification to integrate their WRKChain blockchain technology is central to this new approach. The immutability of blockchain is a tremendous asset to agencies and enterprises.” – Frank Cummings, CEO AML Partners 

Unification’s unique private/public hybrid blockchain approach based on its WRKChain software offers customers a way to provide immutable record-keeping as in the case with AML Partners’ RegTech One SysFi.ID platform. Unification’s rapid, flexible and scalable deployment of its blockchain ecosystem, which features a carefully-crafted consensus mechanism, provides transparency and accountability to all users. Unification will offer the power of its platform to federal agencies and private companies who opt AML Partners solution to enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance. 

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