February 5, 2014 5:14 PM

"Unhelpful" Bitcoiners Have Been Donating to Charities for Years

Bitcoiners routinely donate meals for the less fortunate in Pensacola.

Many people have pointed out the kind nature of the Dogecoin community over the past few weeks, especially after their helpfulness in getting Jamaican and Indian athletes to the Sochi Olympics. Some are saying that the charitable nature of the Dogecoin community actually gives dogecoins a lot of extra value as a cryptocurrency. Offering donations to a worthy cause is a great way to bring publicity to a relatively new cryptocurrency, and we’ve even seen Worldcoin get in on the action in recent weeks. In fact, providing donations to Wikileaks turned out to be a great advertisement for Bitcoin during its early days. This post isn’t supposed to be an attack on charitable crypto communties. It is more of a response to certain people who seem to think that bitcoiners are a bunch of greedy hoarders who don’t want to help anyone but themselves.
Sean’s Outpost
The most well-known crypto-charity of them all is Sean’s Outpost. This organization focuses on feeding less fortunate individuals in Pensacola, FL, and they’ve raised roughly 330 bitcoins since August of 2013. It’s hard to guess the total intake in actual money, but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to estimate this charity has raised over $100,000 in bitcoins. This particular charitable organization is also now accepting dogecoins, so perhaps this can spark a friendly competition between the cryptocurrencies to benefit those in need.
Wikileaks and More
Bitcoin was also the cryptocurrency that came to Wikileaks’s rescue when they were cutoff by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and others. Their Bitcoin address has received over 3,000 bitcoins in donations, although that number looks extremely inflated due to the fact that they started taking Bitcoin donations in 2011. The point here is that there is a long list of organizations and charities who have been collecting Bitcoin donations for years. Bitcoiners were even able to raise funds for Edward Snowden as he was trying to flee the grasp of the US Government after revealing the extent of the US spying apparatus. Although bitcoiners tend to take a more serious approach to cryptocurrency, the reality is they still know how to share the wealth.
Crypto Charity is a Revolutionary Concept
Whether you’re making donations with bitcoins, dogecoins, or any other cryptocurrency, it’s important to remember that any one of these options completely revolutionizes the world of charity. With cryptocurrency, you can send money directly to any other person in the entire world, which means you don’t need to worry about the overhead involved with a charitable donation. We can finally relieve ourselves of corrupt charities and just focus on providing instant assistance where it is needed most.

Kyle Torpey @kyletorpey

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