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Ugly Xbox Series X Box Art Becomes An Embarrassing New Meme

Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:04 PM
  • DIRT 5’s Xbox Series X box art is revealed before being mocked online.
  • Fans are posting memes about the size of the Xbox logos on the front of the box.
  • There are also concerns that the Xbox Series X box art will be confusing for fans who don’t know much about Xbox’s next-gen console plans.

The Xbox Series X box art has become the newest gaming meme. The console’s box art was mocked by gamers today on Twitter after Codemasters revealed the design of the DIRT 5 box.

DIRT 5 Xbox Series X box art tweet
  Popular Twitter user Nibellion said that the Xbox Series X Optimized badge ‘has to go’. Source: Twitter 

A car and its livery are the main focus of the DIRT 5 box art design but nearly a third of the design is taken up with logos. The optimized for Series X logo, which shows that DIRT 5 supports 4K, a higher frame rate, and Xbox Series X Smart Delivery, looks giant on the box. Information about these features can also be seen in the top right.

Fans Mock Xbox Series X Box Art

In comparison, the box art for the PS5 version of DIRT 5 looks much cleaner. It features the same ESRB Rating Pending logo but has no information about the game’s next-gen optimization. The box art for PS5 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales¬†also looks simpler.

Xbox Series X Optimized tweet
  Fans made memes of the Xbox Series X box art. Source: Twitter 

DIRT 5 isn’t the worst case of the cluttered box art.

The Series X box art for Watch Dogs Legion features a third logo, with information about the awards that the game earned at E3 2019. The Russian version has a fourth, saying that the game can be played completely in Russian. The argument from some gamers is that this information could all be put on the back of the box.

Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X box art tweet
  The Russian version of the Watch Dogs Legion box art features more logos. Source: Twitter 

It didn’t take long for fans to create memes of the bad box art. Several made edits that made the Series X Optimized logo the entire box art. One fan edited the Far Cry 6 box art to add information about other Series X features, like the console’s 12 teraflops, in giant lettering.

The Xbox Series X Box Art Could Confuse Gamers

The look of the box art may highlight a big problem for the Xbox team. The decision to put Xbox One and Xbox Series X on the box art could well confuse gamers who don’t know much about them.

Xbox Series X box art tweet 

Some gamers think that this information could go on the back of the box. Source: Twitter 

Far Cry 6 box art joke tweet
  One fan made a new version of the Far Cry 6 box art with more words on it. Source: Twitter 

For gamers who have followed all of the Xbox next-gen news, they’ll know that the two consoles are on the box because of the Xbox team’s support of cross-generation support. Gamers who haven’t followed these announcements may not understand that the Series X is part of a new console generation. The Xbox One’s mid-gen refresh was called the Xbox One X, just one word off from the Xbox Series X, which doesn’t help.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 teams have had issued with messaging. The issues have typically been that fans haven’t been given enough information, making the box art a strange case of being given more details than fans have asked for.