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Watch Dogs on Amazon is the Best Next-Gen Pricing Model Yet

Watch Dogs: Legion has a $60 pre-order up for PlayStation 5. This is cheaper than the projected $70 next-gen titles and good for gamers.

  • Watch Dogs: Legion has a strange next-gen pricing model.
  • Next-gen buyers pay a premium, while current players get a lower price and a free upgrade.
  • Is this setting a precedent for the cross over into next-gen?

Watch Dogs: Legion has a $60 pre-order up for PlayStation 5. This is cheaper than the projected $70 next-gen titles – a good omen for gamers.

But the PlayStation 4 version is $50 with a free upgrade to next-gen. Why? Probably because this is a digital upgrade.

Watch Dogs: Legion on PlayStation 5

We already knew Legion buyers would see a free upgrade to next-gen on PlayStation 5. We can assume the same with Xbox Smart Delivery.

But a PlayStation 4 title launching for $10 cheaper than usual? With the free next-gen upgrade as an incentive? Now that’s looking good for the customer. That does mean the player must sacrifice owning a PlayStation 5 disc, however.

Watch Dogs: Legion is earning some rave early reviews. | Source: Ubisoft

In the majorly digital era we’re entering, is this a bad idea? Not at all.

If anything, players might not be ready for a PlayStation 5 right away, even if Sony thinks otherwise. This could be a way for Ubisoft to ensure Watch Dogs sales should gamers stick with the PlayStation 4.

Those who upgrade will pay a premium, seemingly.

What This Means for Next-Gen

Could this set a precedent for other games as we branch into the next generation? Most likely.

In fact, having a PlayStation 5 library ahead of time could entice players to upgrade over time. Imagine those who stay behind for the next year are promised Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, and more, for free, once they finally upgrade.

Video: Extended Watch Dogs: Legion Gameplay

That’s a promising offer and would certainly soften the blow of what’s sure to be a $500 console. Who doesn’t want a substantial library on their flashy new next-gen upgrade?

Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:24 PM

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