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Ubisoft Incenses “Free Trial” uPlay Plus Customers with Refund Refusals

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:06 PM
Benjamin Vitáris
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:06 PM

Ubisoft’s new uPlay Plus PC game subscription has seriously backfired as the video game publisher billed numerous customers after they had canceled their subscription.

uPlay Plus’ Disastrous Free Trial

Launching on September 3, Ubisoft offered a free trial through the end of last month for uPlay Plus users. As customers were required to enter their payment details when subscribing for the free trial, they needed to cancel their uPlay Plus subscriptions before October 1 to avoid being charged.

Ubisoft’s cancellation policy advertised on uPlay Plus’ landing page. Source: Ubisoft 

While Ubisoft clearly states on its uPlay Plus website that users can cancel their subscriptions anytime without being charged for the next month, customers have reported the opposite and swarmed Reddit and Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the publisher’s PC game subscription service.

“I received a €14.99 charge on the 3rd or 4th of October (dated the 1st of October). I contacted their support, and they said that in their terms of services they state that they do not provide any refunds. And with that, they dismissed my support request. I believe other people have had similar experiences,” one user stated on Reddit. 

According to Ubisoft’s Terms of Service  for uPlay Plus, if a user’s subscription is canceled, terminated, or suspended in whole or in part, then he is not entitled to receive a refund for the remaining subscription period (or any).

And it looks like uPlay Plus users are not issued refunds even when they were charged from not theirs, but Ubisoft’s grave mistake.

Technical Issues Preventing Cancellation

ubisoft uplay plus pc video game subscription cancel not working
Cancellation not working due to maintenance on uPlay Plus.

A Reddit user claimed that he wanted to cancel his uPlay Plus subscription since its launch, but he couldn’t do so as there was no cancel button present on the platform of the service.

However, the user was able to cancel his subscription the next day, but he didn’t receive an email from Ubisoft that had confirmed his last actions.

ubisoft uplay plus pc video game subscription support chat
Screenshot showing conversations between a Ubisoft support agent and a customer.

After a series of conversations, a Ubisoft live chat support employee has admitted that there were issues with uPlay Plus’ cancellation process at launch. However, the support personnel cited the uPlay Plus ToS, telling the user that Ubisoft would not refund him.

ubisoft uplay plus double charge
Ubisoft has double-charged one customer after he had requested a refund for uPlay Plus.

According to another Reddit user , when he asked for a refund as he was dissatisfied with the technical issues of uPlay Plus, Ubisoft double-charged him instead of providing what the user had requested.

Shame on Ubisoft if it Doesn’t Refund its Customers

All evidence suggests that Ubisoft is the one who’s responsible for the unauthorized charges and double-charges of numerous uPlay Plus customers.

With that said, the video game publisher should disregard its refund policy in uPlay Plus ToS and return the funds of all users who were the victims of the PC game subscription‘s technical issues.

If Ubisoft refuses to do so in the near future, then the publisher would risk facing high-profile lawsuits from several furious customers that would require the company’s PR team to work overtime for many months to clean up the current uPlay Plus mess.