Twitter Is Down, Downdetector Confirms Outage

Josiah Wilmoth @Y3llowb1ackbird
July 11, 2019

Yep, Twitter just went down, leaving social media addicts with no way to broadcast their stream-of-consciousness hot takes to the Internet.

Unless they want to log back into Facebook – as though anyone who still uses Facebook was actually worthy of their hot takes.

Yes, Twitter is down. | Source: Twitter

Visitors mashing the refresh button are greeted with nothing but this unwelcome message:

“Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

According to Downdetector, the problems began at approximately 2:46 pm ET, when the site recorded a major spike in user outages.

The outage began around 2:46 pm ET. | Source: Downdetector

Notably, the unexpected outage occurred around the same time as President Trump’s controversial Social Media Summit.

Twitter wasn’t invited.

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