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Twitch’s Mega64 Ban Is Bewildering – But It Reveals an Even More Serious Problem

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
William White
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
  • Mega64 got a Twitch ban for Christmas this year.
  • An eating competition during a live stream resulted in one contestant throwing up.
  • Now, #unbanmega64 is trending on Twitter as users complain about the ban.

It’s undeniable that streaming platform Twitch is out of touch with its users, and its bewildering decision to ban Mega64 is just the latest evidence

Looks Like Twitch Can’t Handle a Little Puke

The ban on Mega64 came during a Christmas streaming event on the channel Sunday. The event featured an eating competition.

Unfortunately, one of the streamers overate and ended up throwing up on the stream. It was shortly after this the ban went into effect.

Mega64 Twitch Ban
Mega64 doesn’t reveal the exact reason behind the Twitch ban. | Source: Mega64/Twitter 

Now, Twitch has to deal with angry fans calling for it to bring Mega64 back. They are doing this by sharing the hashtag “#unbanmega64” on Twitter .

Plenty of Mega64 fans are arguing that the ban is unfair due to the nature of vomiting. It’s not exactly something the person can always control, which appears to be the case with last night’s stream.

Twitch Needs to Reevaluate What Content Deserves a Ban

Critics are also calling Twitch out for its unclear rules on bans.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a discussion about Twitch bans without bringing up Alinity. There’s no shortage of Twitter users talking about her various misdeeds on the streaming service without so much as getting a slap on the wrist.

Twitch Thots Escape Bans
There’s a lot worse out there that Twitch could ban users for. | Source: Twitter

The most recent controversy surrounding Alinity comes from her dog being a little too friendly during her streams. That set off loads of people and even elicited a response from PETA.

Twitch Bans Can Be Unfair
Alinity never has to deal with Twitch bans for some reason. | Source: Twitter 

Mega64 Didn’t Even Come Close to Alinity Levels of Banworthiness

There’s no arguing that the Mega64 ban is unjust. Twitch needs to listen to its viewers; otherwise, this controversy could spiral into another permanent black mark on the streaming service.

This isn’t the look Twitch needs right now with streamers making the jump over to Mixer, either. It should work harder to retain viewers, not push them away with stupid bans.