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Twitch Streamer Goes Viral Because of Her Cat – But She’s No Alinity

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
  • Twitch streamer PaladinAmber goes viral on Twitter.
  • The streamer thought her cat was dying, but he had just been beaten in a fight.
  • PaladinAmber is the second streamer to go viral because of her pets after Alinity was accused of animal abuse.

On January 4, Twitch streamer PaladinAmber went viral on Twitter after posting about a funny moment with her cat. The streamer said that “for a couple of days my cat had been showing signs of dying, not drinking, not eating, sleeping and hiding.”

She took her cat to the vet to find out what was wrong, only to learn that there was nothing wrong with him. PaladinAmber was surprised when the vet said that “He looks like he got into a fight and he’s depressed he lost, his vitals are fine.” PaladinAmber also revealed that she’d “cried” about the idea of losing her cat before learning that he’d just lost in a fight with the neighborhood cats.

PaladinAmber cat tweet 

The streamer’s first tweet was retweeted 125.7K times by Twitter users who found the story as hilarious as she did. It also got 818.8K likes and many responses from other cat owners revealing their funny visits to the vets. One Twitter user said that after they worried about the smell of their cat’s urine and a potential kidney issue, the vet just said the cat was a “very stinky boy.”

PaladinAmber’s tweets about her cat have become so popular that she has posted a few more tweets about the cat. She posted a photo of the cat  staring at the camera, joking that he is “plotting” against her.

The last time a Twitch streamer went viral because of their pets, it was about Alinity and the animal abuse controversy so it’s positive to see PaladinAmber’s tweets and all of the other pet stories that people are posting.